What is up with Kirk Cameron?

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  • Markfromcali

    I think that's his name - you know the kid from that show Growing Pains? I knew he was in the Left Behind movie and I think maybe another apocalyptic one, but then I saw him on some evangelical show talking about how to 'witness' to people, spouting a simplistic 'technique' of showing how people are sinners against the 10 commandments and then telling them you can be saved.. One thing that stands out is I could swear his acting in GP was more convincing than this spaced out kinda look he had in this show. You know the look I'm talking about? Its not always there to that degree even with people in the same group, but there's just this distinct sense that there's nobody home..

  • FlyingHighNow

    My son and I saw him on TV. He does very dangerous things like go into the hood and tell people that they are going to hell. He does looked possessed by something.

    It's terribly sad. Pathetic even. Why in hell would we want to worship a god that would inspire such arrogance?


  • Odrade

    I've seen him too, he definitely has that glazed, fanatical look. Oh well, you know I really couldn't care less if people turn fundie apocalyptic christian, as long as they don't shun their families to do it.

    So as long as he's not doing that, he's still probably a leg up on JWs.

  • Markfromcali

    I don't know O, on the one hand you have separation from the family, on the other you are with them but you're not really there.. I guess for me it wouldn't matter if I'm shunned if you're not there anyway, but hey.. lol

  • talesin

    I saw him interviewed a long time ago. He is bornagain, has been for a long time. Is trying to promote christian morality through his 'work'.


  • Elsewhere

    Yup... he has become a pycho-fundi-christian and is now selling kits to help people go around and tell their friends and relatives that they are sinners and are going to go to hell.

    Check out his website and he will talk to you: http://www.wayofthemaster.com/wotm_flash.html

    Take his test to see if YOU are going to hell!

    Oh, and if you answer "Innocent" to all of the questions, you will get to a page that basically says you are a LIER because EVERYONE has sinned! So, no matter what ya do, YOU are gonna go to hell... of course... you can buy his little kit that will help you stay out of hell!

  • Elsewhere

    Did you know that if you think people are going to burn for all eternity in hell, that you are a very compassionate person? That's right! Kirk even has a special kit to sell you so you can tell everyone that they are going to hell and demonstrate your compassion to them... and it only costs $59.00.

  • talesin


    wayofthemaster.com Kinda says it all, doesn't it? /


  • CountryGuy

    This guy has lost it.... I saw it all on the E! True Hollywood Story: Growing Pains. On the season before the last one, he told the head of ABC that the producers of "Growing Pains" were pornographers because one scene showed his character in bed with a girl for two seconds before it pulled back to show they were rehearsing for a play. That's a bit extreme. Maybe he doesn't really know what pornography is? Alan Thicke (the dad) told him if "GP" was too 'blue' for Kirk's taste, then maybe he should develope a Christian based sit-com. I guess this website is what he did instead.

    And the website, oh my, that was interesting. I really liked the picture of the monkey holding the book "God Doesn't Believe in Athiests." I don't want to downplay his beliefs, but telling people that just being human is angering God... I wonder how much of a response he gets to that message.


  • minimus

    He's always been a sucky "actor".

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