Where's Jesika?

by Yizuman 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Yizuman

    Oh where, oh where, are thou, Jesika??

    Haven't seen Jesika on the board for a long while, hope she's ok!


  • ColdRedRain

    I hear she's living in Austin right now with her new BF, at least that's what one of her friends told me when I called over there.

  • Yizuman

    New BF?????? What happened to her husband she married to last year or so???


  • little witch
    little witch


    Wherever you are, I also miss you!

    But hey everybody, let's not invade privacy or speculate. I wouldnt want to see someones privacy invaded, or a gossip discussion.

  • Sassy

    Yiz......I think that lasted a short while and they both probably prefer it not be discussed on the board publicly

  • Yizuman

    Well, whatever happened, Jesika still has my support! *Triple hugs to Jes!*


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i think jesika; may have left the wt world behind i wish her well. john

  • frenchbabyface
    JC : may have left the wt world behind i wish her well

    but still some news would be nice ... Jessika where are you ?

  • Jesika

    Hey guys!!!

    Sorry I havent been around for a while.......lots of changes in my life in this last year or so.

    To answer or put to rest any ?'s about the marriage issue.........lets just say we both moved on in different directions and leave it at that.

    The rumor of me living in Austin is true. I am still in Austin and am very happy with the direction my life is taking me right now. School is within my grasp and I am very excited about it.

    I havent been online for a while........but I think we all need a break every once in a while. It also wasnt as easy for me to be online since I dont have a computer yet.

    Just thought I would drop in and say hello and I should be returning to JWD soon.......but not like I was before. Mainly to keep up with current events.....friends......and to help out when I can.

    Love you all and hi to all those I dont know yet.

    See you all soon.........if you reply and I dont.......dont think I am ignoring anyone.....just might not be on the computer anymore........I will try to check the responces as soon as I can.



  • pr_capone

    Nice to see you around! :D I have taken a huge break myself and just slide by on a rare occasion. Hope everything is well with you Jes. MUAH! Kansas District Overbeer

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