WT Comments You Will Not Hear at the 7-11-04 WT Study

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    Thanks, Cathy.

    even though starting a new job is stressful at least I'm glad you found a new one

    There is good stress and bad stress. Someone even spent his life researching it.




    Hans Selye

    Hans Selye ( 1907 - 1982 ) was an Austrian physician who did much important theoretical work on the physical effects of stress. He is considered to have been the first to demonstrate the existence of a separate stress disease, the stress syndrome, or General adaptation syndrome .

    To grossly oversimplify, Selye discovered and documented that stress differs from other physical responses in that stress is stressful whether the news is good or bad, whether the impulse is positive or negative. He called negative stress distress and positive stress eustress.

    Selye is said to have discovered the stress syndrome when in medical school he observed that people who had various illnesses seemed to share a quality of "sickness" that was highly similar.

    He was the author of Stress without Distress (

    1974 ) and The Stress of Life ( 1956 ). He was a professor and director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery at the University of Montreal .


    Odrade, it makes me laugh too when you see that they cite names and sources on some but not others. Hmmm?

    Pointing out the lack of credit to proper sources always makes me laugh


    r, right on,
    There they go again, setting up a straw-man called "the vast majority" and demonizing those outside the JW organization.
    Every survey I've seen shows that the vast majority of people believe in God in some form or fashion. Just because most of them don't feel a need to go and try to force their viewpoints on "persuade" others [in the way JW's do] to accept their particular viewpoint of that Creator doesn't necessarily mean that they don't give God glory in their own, private way.

    Thanks, stillajwelder.

    Did you go this Sunday?

    Good expansion, willyloman,

    The statement, however, doesn't acknowledge that disturbing fact, and it written in such as way as to not encourage any discussion or even the thought that there may be some systemic problem in this organism. You see, the meeting attendance was low in "his" congregation, not all the congos, just "his" (and perhaps, dear reader, "yours"), and so if your congo's attendance is down, don't be discouraged; it doesn't MEAN anything.

    This is one reason I stayed as long as I did. I thought the problems were just an "aberration" only in my congregation, or that I had the wrong attitude. After about 7 congregations in several states and countries, I finally realized I was not the problem nor was it isolated.

    Hey cyber-sista,

    Ain?t it grand to be home on a Sunday, sipping your coffee, reading the paper, as you enjoy your breakfast looking out from your deck at creation instead of being inside a room talking about it with people who rarely look past their nose at creation, few who look up at the sky and know even how to find the Big Dipper and would confuse the fin of a shark with that of a dolphin.

    "Wasn't that a great study article (and the audience nods in agreement) and don't we appreciate the abundance of spiritual food we receive each week from meetings such as this?

    If you were to ask them right afterwards about a specific point and scripture they enjoyed, they all get that deer in the headlight look, even the conductor and the elders. See the elders were in the backroom or at the back of the hall planning deep elder strategy.


    , my Hispanic (?) friend
    so in your congregation you knew ahead of time what the theme of the public talk was and the presenter?

    Yes, the WTS procedure directs the PO or his designee to coordinate or schedule talks; he?s called the talk coordinator. Each congregation is supposed to have one with a list of the talks each elder can give. Then he calls the talk coordinators in other congregations in the circuit (and sometimes outside the circuit with special permission). Supposedly, the talk coordinator is supposed to select talks on topics the BOE thinks the congregations needs to hear. Mostly they get the talks the brothers can give. Then he makes up a schedule, usually for 6 months out with name of speaker, congregation, talk # and title and a place to sign up for hospitality. Usually, the popular or known elders get signed up for right away. The unknown or not well-liked depend on the pity of the PO. There are cancellations without warning, but does not sit well with the talk coordinator. Usually, that speaker gets put on the "bad" list, and is not invited again or better have a good reason.


    Thanks for adding this perspective to the review.



    OK , now that is based on my own feelings , but same feelings got me to see that Armageddon was a false doctrine just becuase it is not Godly or sensible.

    That is not to say that the WT always has these things right in detail, I know they do not... In principle, I just have to acknowledge the hand of God in these things.

    I remember the WTS saying that Satan quoted scripture to suit himself when tempting Jesus. What the WTS says is not always wrong, just skewed. Notice how they segue nonhuman creation giving glory to God to giving glory to God by meeting attendance in next week?s lesson.


  • Pistoff

    I actually sat through this psuedo-scientific stinker; had family in town and had to go. Yikes, the earnest comments were abundant. Why, do you suppose, are articles about nature so much fun? Why so many comments? Is it because the ones on doctrine and behavior are so pedantic and off-track? The commenters included the usual arrogance about the stupid evolution believers. I look for motive in such an innocent study, sounds like the hammer drops next week. P

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