Rich in Cong treated different???

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  • Confucious

    In my old cong, there was a sister that was rich.

    At times, she would buy vacations for the PO.

    (The vacations were "spiritual" vacations such as International Ass'es.)

    But, non-the-less, they were very expensive vacations.

    Anyway, she was always treated with kid gloves even though she got her wealth from marrying a worldly person and that guy died - leaving her a fortune.

    On the other hand, me and my wife pioneered and we also prospered materially.

    But as we bought new stuff, we were always viewed as materialistic.
    I'm thinking because we never bought crap for the PO.

    Even though we made everything while we were both pioneering.

    Anyone else have an experience???

  • stillajwexelder

    Oh absolutely no question it makes a difference . You take the CO for an expensive meal you get circuit assembly items, I used to open an expensive bottle of wine at my home after an elders meeting - anyway - I always got treated well - the poor ones in the congregation (depending on the area the cong is in of course) can get looked down upon - no question well helps. Life is like a shit sandwich -- the more bread (money) you have the less shit you have to eat (from anyone including brothers and sisters at the hall)

  • blondie

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  • Cassiline

    Yes a brother and his wife in Dallas TX. Did not follow many JW rules but were allowed latitude IMO because he always bragged about his sizable donations to the WWW. As a matter of fact there were many in Lake Highlands cong. who seemed to get away with so much because they had money.


  • freedom96

    You combine certain people with money, and it doesn't matter what religion they are in, they act the same. People are people.

    There will be those that flaunt the money, and others who want to be around it, and those that will give favors for money or what money can buy.

  • Mulan

    Just think of the Williams sisters. They won Olympic medals, draped the American flag over themselves, and paraded around with it. Any repurcussions? No way. Are they contributing to the WTS? You'd better believe they are.

  • Odrade

    bear shit in woods???

  • frankiespeakin

    Well of course the rich are treated better. And I don't think Jesus would like that.

    But to the JW it is this way:

    Really who is jesus? When you got jehovah??? Mean old jehovah don't seem to mind too much.

  • Markfromcali

    Hmm... Would this not make the elders who received the gifts and such spiritual man-whores?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    The rich get treated better everywhere! No surprise that it happens among JWs also.

    I know of this man in the Spanish side that is swimming in dough and he gets so many perks! It's a known fact that he abuses alcohol often, and is quite the womanizer. But, hey, he pays vacations to elders, contributes generously at the KH, and is always willing to pick up the bill whenever a group goes out to eat or other events.

    The man is positively untouchable!!! The Holy Spirit has already appointed him a MS and soon will appoint him an elder.

    It's great to be rich!!!


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