Sumo wrestling -- Up Close and Personal

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    Yesterday I was in Nagoya and got to see the official sumo wrestling matches in the Grand Sumo Tournament. I also got to see a bunch of the wrestlers warm up beforehand in a stable somewhere in town, with former yokozuna (top wrestler) Mumashimaru there for moral support. It was very interesting seeing them warm up in the morning, as you got to see how strong these fat guys really are. After they warm up, they then eat a lot, sleep, and then get ready to wrestle in the afternoon in the tournament. We went around 3pm to sit in a tiny little cushion for three hours to see the big whigs go after each other, ending with the most important match -- the current yokozuna Asashoryu defeating his rival Kyokutenho. The match before that was actually more interesting because both wrestlers (really huge guys) tumbled out of the ring and fell into the audience FOUR ROWS BACK!! Ouch!!

    Anyway, here are some photos from my day:

    The stable in town (secret location) where the wrestlers warm up.

    Two sumo wrestlers sparring in a warm-up match.

    Posing with former yokozuna Musashimaru. He's a big guy!


    This is in the tournament. This is the exact moment the match begins, when the opponent places his fist at the starting line. Then the two wrestlers try to make the opponent either step outside the ring or touch the ground inside the ring with other than the sole of his feet.

    I liked this guy. We called him "Sideburns".

    Action from the match. The guy on the left is about to fall out of the ring.

    Another match. Another guy about to step out of the ring.

    Here is one guy that fell into the audience. Look at the expressions of the audence members on the side.

    Current yokozuna Asashoryu.

    The decisive moment in the big match. Asashoryu pushes Kyokutenho outside the ring. Right after this, both wrestlers fall outside the ring but Asashoryu is the winner because his opponent stepped out first.

  • Leolaia

    This is Thread #3 of my Asia travels. See also Threads #1 and #2:

  • Leolaia

    Here are some pictures of people......

    School children carrying a bamboo tree alongside a street.

    A man on a train wearing an Engrish t-shirt (see It reads: "My goal in life is to be able to HAG my enemies". It is not clear whether the word intended is "HANG" or "SHAG".

    A mother feeding her daughter some shaved ice.

    A mixed Japanese-gaijin family enjoying themselves at a Tokyo park.

    Every Sunday afternoon at one of the Tokyo parks, teenaged girls come wearing "club kid" clothes or having a goth-type look, or some combination thereof. Here is one example.

    This was one of the strangest groups I saw. It looked like a bandaging club. Or maybe they're playing doctor.

    Another group of teens in the park.

    A very common goth-type look among Sunday afternoon park-going teens.

    The sidewalks of the park are filled with amateur bands performing their stuff. Some, like this band, are good, others .... well, leave something to be desired.

    I sure wish the U.S. had parks like this.....the Japanese sure know how to have fun. Elsewhere in the park, there were a group of Elvis impersonators doing dancing and even break dancing moves. And it isn't just in the parks. One night I walked past the high rise buildings and one of them was closed for the night, but outside it there were dozens of teens practicing their dance moves while looking at themselves in the darkened windows. In the U.S., they'd be moved away for loitering. But not here.

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    Pinned Blouse

    That's it! I am am never eating bread again. Atkins here I come LOL


  • Stefanie

    I liked this one. The children are beautiful.

    I thought the wrestlers gained their weight by drinking chicken broth?

  • SixofNine

    The Japanese have a sweet way of managing to look naive and innocent even as they indulge in the weirdest, kinkiest, most outlandish acts I have ever come across.

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    Pinned Blouse


    I thought the wrestlers gained their weight by drinking chicken broth?

    If they gain their weight with chicken broth, then I am in trouble! LOL


  • Leolaia

    Here is the last people pic. This is me wearing a kimono yesterday. You wouldn't believe how many things they tie around you! I also got my hair braided in a nice ponytail....

    Well, that's it for Japan. Today I'm flying out to China!

  • DanTheMan

    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing! You're pretty good with the camera there Leolaia!

    Damn, I am so jealous. I'm dying to visit Japan now.

  • AlanF

    Cool pics, Leolaia!


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