POLL----Will The Witness Religion Ever Cease To Exist?

by minimus 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • DireStraitJacket

    "No matter what happens, there will always be a JW group around. Big businesses just don't easily go away unless the gov't shuts them down. Now if THAT happened......"

    They would be driven underground, enhancing support for them being persecuted and them being the true religion, that is if you're an idiot and believe it..

  • doogie

    it's an End-Time cult that forgot to die.

    think about it...Heaven's Gate had a set date for their version of armageddon and they made SURE that that would be armageddon for them.

    i think that the witnesses just forgot to die in 1914. so, i think that if the organization has lasted this long, there's no telling how much it can withstand. my guess is a lot.

  • Atilla

    The question should be-Will stupidity ever cease to exist? --there's your answer.

  • Mulan


  • sunshineToo

    I wish.

  • undercover

    Do people still believe there was a global flood? Do people still believe that Jesus was God walking among men? Is the Catholic Church still around? Do people still believe there are WMD in Iraq?

    Point is, people believe all kinds of stupid shit. No reason to think that 6 million people will all wise up at the same time and say, "Hey! We were duped!".

    It is apparent though that people are leaving the JWs in record numbers. The GB knows it. The lawyers know it. Many others down the line know it. The GB may be reluctant to change, but the lawyers know what to do and they'll do it as soon as they gain control. Just as Joe Rutherford wrestled control to turn Russells little crackpot religion into a money racket, so too will the lawyers will make the needed changes to revitalize the religion once the GB dies off.

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    The only way for the Borg to survive is for it to become more like the Mormon Church.

    Like the Mormon church the WTS must shed the odd-ball doctrines, and fanatical control of the R&F. Unless that happens the WTS will fall on its face, and be religated to a third-world cult.


  • DireStraitJacket

    Do people still believe there was a global flood?

    there is plenty of evidence that supports that the earth was at one stage flooded, at least large parts of it. eg ancient civilizations in south america who built cities at really high altitudes to avoid the rising water levels

  • gitasatsangha

    the Witnesses will cease to exist in the way we know them now, but they will pass one some lineage into whatever the descendants of the current JWs (who stay) make of it. I imagine, as Bethel is unable to control things from the center, that the diaspora of post-JW goups will very from country to country, and sometimes even regionally.

  • minimus

    I'm going to become a Reformed Jew.

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