I want mercy not sacrifice

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  • Gordy

    Having looked at the verses concern in Hosea and Matthew I could only find one Bible that used ?loyalty? this was in the NASB.

    Also on checking for the meaning of the Hebrew word in Hosea ?checed?

    According to ?Strongs? I found the follow words can be used

    mercy, kindness, loving-kindness, goodness, kindly, merciful, favour, good, goodliness, pity,

    reproach, wicked thing

    Mercy could be used in the sense that it conveys goodness and kindness.

    I cannot see how ?loyalty? could be used.

  • peacefulpete

    Kenneson, Matthew was written post 70 as you've said is recognised. However the entire story setting is placed before the destruction of the temple. This does not suggest that the date of writing was pre70. In fact the message of Matt 9 and 12 is subtle anti-jewish polemics. Having the new savior reprove the temple representatives for shallow and uncompassinate worship fits very well with a Christian post 70 writing. In effect the author is laying groundwork for his later claim that God destroyed the temple because of this type of hypocrisy.

  • peacefulpete

    Gordy, reread the first post I made and Narkisso's to see why the Strong's lexicon used the numerous words to define hesed (chesed) Also here is an intersting page. http://www.biblicalheritage.org/Bible%20Studies/hesed.htm

    Lexicons show the words that ARE USED by translators not what the best definition of the word originally was. Do a google using the words chesed (or hesed) and loyalty.

  • Narkissos

    PP: Very good article on chesed -- at least down to the point where it starts figuring out the "original meaning of Jesus' Hebrew words", when the words put into Jesus' mouth by the Greek gospels are evidently a thoroughly Greek composition...

  • peacefulpete

    Honestly I just pulled it up for Gordy using google at work, I didn't give it a thorough read. It made the point tho that the word's meaning has drifted.

  • Kenneson


    That's precisely my point. There is no more Temple when Matthew was written; replaced by synagogues. There are no more sacrifices. Could not Matthew have been calling for a substitute to the former sacrifices? Thus, deeds of loving kindness?

  • peacefulpete

    Kenneson....I misunderstood your earlier comment. Yes I think that was exactly Matt's perspective. He felt the new had replaced the old. His message is an ellaboration of the Essenic and Pharisaic movements away from the blood rites to justification thru righteous works.

  • peacefulpete

    I just came across another post Temple use of the LXX reading. "Once as Rabbi Yohannan ben Zakkai was coming forth from Jerusalem, Rabbi Joshua followed after him and beheld the Temple in ruins. "Woe unto us!" Rabbi Joshua said, "that this, the place where the iniquities of Israel were atoned for, is laid waste!" "My son, " Rabbi Yohannan said, "be not grieved. We have another atonement as effective as this. And what is it? It is acts of loving kindness as it is said: 'For I desire mercy and not sacrifice.'" Aroth de Rabba Nathan, 6

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