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  • jwbot

    And I got to view them first hand...not from my bedroom child like I did as a child-longing to join and see them up close...


  • jwbot

    Don't hijack my thread! Go to tech support!

  • Stefanie

    lol jwbot.

    Those are adorable! I just posted some under the 4 july thread from crazy.

  • HappyDad

    Nice firework pictures JWbot

    I watched fireworks from my backyard. I live close to an amusment park and they have fireworks about a dozen times during the season.

    It sure is nice to see them up close and not just on TV


  • Lehaa

    Thanks for sharing, they're amazing.

  • frenchbabyface

    Yeah thanks for sharing !

  • Xander

    C'mon, you GOTTA tell us what kinda of digital camera takes pics like that! Those are some impressive shots!

    Anyway, my contribution:

    We watched it this year from the canal path by our housing association. Actually, the 'place to be' - about a dozen and a half people were there, and someone had thought to bring a radio. The local radio station simulcast the program, so we could listen and watch. Pilot Butte is located in the center of town, and rises about 500 ft above the surrounding landscape, so when setting off the fireworks from there, EVERYONE could see it. Not much point in getting closer, as all you'd be seeing was the side of the mountain...errr...'butte'....above you from next to it, so..... Pic of the sky at sunset (you can see the butte with the little red lights at top - that's *just* about 1 mile from our home):

  • jwbot

    Xander: My camera is a Sony Cybershot DCS 85

    It is probably at an intermediate level and I have grown out of it...I ould buy another one but I need to save up about $1000 for one that is not suited for me.

    For these I just opened up the shutter for a few seconds (2 I think) and it was on a tripod. I did not do anything special for these, there is a built-in "twilight" scene setting and it is pretty automated. I took about 100 shots and only about 10 of them are no good (blurry).

  • Xander


    I was wondering mostly due to the lack of low-level 'noise' in your image. If you take a look at a couple of mine, the 'blacks' have a LOT of random color noise in it. These were shot at ISO 100, IIRC. Shutter time varied - some I took at 1 sec, most were 5 sec, 10 sec, or 15 sec (for the really interesting ones). Tripod, here, too.

    I really am mostly happy with the camera, it's just the amount of low-level 'noise' in really dark shots I've never been too keen on.

  • Valis

    BTW that was in Kerrville, Texas. They let you sit really close to where they set them rocks!


    District Overbeer

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