Question for people who sew/craft

by neverthere 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • findingme

    Ohiocowboy, I think it's GREAT that you sew. I have great respect for people who are not afraid of "non traditional" tasks or hobbies. I LOVE it when my husband helps me decorate the house. Often, we have gone to the fabric store together to pick out the right color combination for window treatments or accent pillows. He has great taste; something he wasn't aware of before he got married.

    Kudos to you, Ohio!

  • Panda

    I used to sew everything I wore (as a pioneer) and working in a fabric store encouraged me to sew (employee discount). I always washed the fabric before sewing, except for felt or fake fur. For wool fabrics I would sponge blot and steam press, of course where I live now I don't wear wool. but even knots sew better once you wash the sizing out. As for quilting, there is nothing like the feel of freshly laundered cotton fabric to work with.

    I recently purchased a EuroPro sewing machine from HSN. Haven't used it yet but I want to start sewing again. What machines are yah'll using?

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