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  • GodsMouthpiece

     Amos 3:7 does say that the Living God WILL make His impending judgement known to a select 
    few so that they can in turn make a last appeal to those who are reasonable at heart. 
    Daniel chapter 12.....1260+1290+1335= 3885 days/years. You gotta know which it is, days/years
    in order to even begin making sense of it. Divided by 365 days it totals just 10 1/2 years or
    so. But if the spirit makes known the date from which to begin the calculation of this yet
    to be fulfilled prophecy, well then it begins to come clear to even a simpleton like myself.
    I think this means that the W.T.B.T.S. may be in trouble with The Master, Jesus Christ since
    this matter has not been made known to them. There are no anointed members capable of making
    a legitimate call on true insight from above. The boys in charge now,God bless em,are ye ole
    tyme carpetbaggers who will stash the cash and in the near future claim bankruptcy and other
    spiritual reasons (i.e. satan) for their financial demise. I gotta post ahead of what is due
    to come about in order to be considered a legit pie hole for The Living God. I will post that
    date and soon but first I have to reel in the masses and hold em til I can make that post. You
    know, Jimmy Swaggert/Tammy Faye ect..... lol.... just kidding friends. I will start with this
    DAY BEGINNING IN 1879. As of this yearthat is 125 total years since "the last days and the 
    coming kingdom" have been officially proclaimed by Jehovah's Representative. In Genesis,after
    the flood, Jehovah limits the number of years a man can live to be 120. Even recently
    a couple of people in america who were the oldest passed away....about 114 and 116 or so....
    I can promise you (since I get to bear the heavier judgement) that we are all on borrowed
    time from here on out and if you gotta disrespect the W.T.B.T.S. it is all well as long as
    you don't mock Jehovah and Who He Is........His son is about to begin causing turmoil for
    the faithful and discreet slave......feel free to mark those words because I don't speak
    for myself and it's been a long time in training to get to finally become qualified as the
    Lord Jesus Christ defines qualified. peace to all and I will post again soon. e-mail me if
    you have personal questions and are level headed and not "gone fanatical" as my mother and
    many others have.
  • imallgrowedup

    Well, Godsmouthpiece, welcome to the forum.

    You might want to look up JCanon and Brownboy. Honestly, they would probably be the only people here who might be interested in your predictions (sorry, but thought I'd warn you now). Most of us don't believe the "Armageddon" story, and next to zero of us believe the drivel of the WT.

    Although you are a welcome member, just thought you'd want to know what you are up against. I wish you luck on getting your message out.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    So glad to see you're not just another completely delusional freakazoid.

    O no, not you. You're "God's Mothpiece."


  • Markfromcali

    The subject title reminds me of a conversation I had with a homeless guy with a titanium bike years ago. He said "nobody knows the day or the hour, but maybe the year!" ...

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    So glad to see you're not just another completely delusional freakazoid.

    The spelling is always a dead giveaway.

  • TrailBlazer04

    You DO know the punishment for a false prophet, don't you? Be careful what you say....


  • JCanon

    Hi GM... Interesting point of view. It underscores that "interpretation" plays a big role in what you believe. In that regard, I don't know if you realized that you were presuming some things based upon your own interpretation, such as whether this had occurred or not or if God had informed his elect about this event already, only you were not included yet. But interesting that Daniel as well says that 'knowledge will become abundant" via "those with insight" (Daniel 12) so you have every right to expect the understanding of this prophecy but not until the last days. Since I believe we are in the "last days" I believe the following interpretation is correct. At least it works for me.

    The 1260 days and the 1290 days are concurrent or interchangeable as 3.5 times. That is, 1290 days and 1260 days can refer to a half week of 3.5 years. It depends upon the application.

    The Biblical comparison here is thus used to address the luni-solar cycle where the solar year at 365 days is longer than a 12-month year of lunar months which is 11 days shorter at 354 days. For Biblical calculations, the Bible rounds off a month to 30 days each but also introduces a 13th month to represent the correlation between the solar and lunar years. Thus approximately every 3 years a 13th month was added to the calendar to keep the solar seasons and the lunar months coordinated. But every 19 years with 7 13-month years the number of days were the essentially the same.

    This in literal application when you were making a general reference, say to the 70th week, the period is considered to be a "time, time and half time" as far as prophetic fulfillment. But in order to calculate specific dates connected with Jesus' appearance, such as Pentecost, a 1290-day period is used which introduces the 13th month. Thus Jesus' ministery rounded off in months was 43 months, with each month rounded up to 30 days, that would be the 1290 days specifically. This is the number used to calculate the 1335 days which is 45 days more which is the number for PENTECOST.

    In actual fulfillment, therefore, Jesus would appear during the Festival of Booths which contained two special sabbaths including a special sabbath on the 8th day after the festival, the 22nd of Tishri. This would officially begin Jesus ministry of half a week. His ministry would end when he died on the 20th of Nisan a day before the special sabbath of passover on the 7th day of unfermented cakes. Thus from the sabbath of the 8th day special sabbath of the Festival of Booths on the 22nd until the 7th day special sabbath of Passover on the 21st, you have the symbolic 1290 days. You then can count exactly 45 days to Pentecost.

    Note that Pentecost is on the 50th day after the first Passover sabbath of the 15th. That means it is 45 days after the 20th, the day Jesus died and officially ended his ministry.

    FUTURE FULFILLMENT: For the future fulfillment, because Pentecost represents the Second Wave Offering and thus the Second Coming, the 1335 days leads us to the precise YEAR (not the precise DAY or HOUR) of the second coming. But when do you begin the last 45 days. When do you end the 1290 days?

    The "END" occurs at 1290 days. The Jews had been abandoned by God because they disobeyed the covenant and was told they would be scattered among the nations in exile and a sword would follow them. This was the state of things for the Jews, that "system of things" and thus they were expecting this to "end." Thus the "end" of the Jewish exile would also be the end of the "gentile times" since Jerusalem was to be "trampled on" by the gentiles for this "appointed time." This allows us a very clear point in which to date the "end" of Jewish exile from God and from their land since the end of gentile domination and restoration of Jewish control over their Promised Land would be the year the 1290 days would end during the last days, followed on the heels of the "great tribulation", a time of distress for the Jews like "none other than had ever happened nor would happen again", and as prophesied a time when two thirds of the Jews would be "exterminated" (Daniel 9). This "great tribulation" was the HOLOCAUST which ended in 1945 followed by the return of the Jews in 1947, which was the end of the 1290 days!

    Thus to determine the year of the second coming, if that's what you needed to know, you need only count 45 years from November 30, 1947. Thus you arrive at the second coming per the 1335 days prophecy as occurring sometime between November 30, 1992 and November 29, 1993.

    And yes, though they did not know the specific "day" or "hour" the chosen ones who were "awake", the "eagles" that would be expecting the Messiah did witness the "sign of the son of man" occur when the Messiah did arrive.

    But of IMPORTANT NOTE is that the "second coming" is NOT the date of ARMAGEDDON as the JWs seem to think. The second coming occurs at the time the kingdom is set up in heaven, yes, but Satan is not abyssed at that time. Instead he is cast to the earth and an interval of time occurs from this point until Armageddon. The Bible calls it a "short time." It is at this time that the second coming occurs and Christ returns to the earth as a "thief", that is, secretly in the night, to inspect the world and to choose and seal the remaining ones of the Bride Class. This is what has been happening now since 1992.

    So there are some "anointed members" who know the truth and how to calculate the year of the second coming correctly based upon the 1335 days prophecy now, since it is now a past event. And this knowledge is available, especially for those looking for this knowledge.

    Of course, this is just one aspect of all the chronology connected with confirming 1992 as the true date for the second coming, including exposing a conspiracy by the Persians to change their chronology and that of the Babylonians which distorts the ancient dating for the fall of Jerusalem making it complicated to date the second coming by the "7 times" prophecy by the surviving records for that event. The Bible must be used, instead to determine this chronology, even though recent evidence from astronomical texts can also give you the correct dating and which expose the manipulation of the astronomy and dating for this period, so 1992 is definitely the correct date, confirmed by the "7 times" prophecy as well as the "70th week" prophecy which determines that Christ would arrive at the mid-week Passover to end the 'Lord's Supper" the year he arrives. But that's another topic. Let me know if you need more information.

    And because we're running out of time, I'll just add that this interpetation is the CORRECT ONE, it is irrevocable and not disputable at this point, especially since it is a past event. Your option is to investigate the evidence supporting this interpretation but not to look around for any alternative explanations. I'm claiming to be "one with insight" and one of the approved "anointed" who fulfill this prophecy.

    You were looking for this information. Now it has been given to you. You are no longer in the dark. The next step is yours. For your own safety, just pretend this might be true or turn out to be true and imagine what your actions should be given this information at this point with a short time left.

    In other words, if it turns out that Armegeddon starts in two weeks and your on the wrong side of the mercy line, will you have a good enough excuse for not having investigated this further? More importantly, will Jesus himself think you had enough time to investigate this if you were seriously interested in surviving Armageddon? After all, 1992 was over 11 years ago.

    There are no anointed members capable of making...

    The prophecy has been fulfilled.

    The knowledge is available as prophesied.

    The rest is up to you.

    Best wishes in your search for knowledge and truth!


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Jesus, PLEASE don't let these two mate, or we'll have little freak memes running all over the place!

  • Carmel

    Anyone using your handle would qualify for "those who take partner with God" , a situation I would not envy. Me thinks you are in for a sad life.


  • Pole

    Nathan Natas,

    Jesus, PLEASE don't let these two mate, or we'll have little freak memes running all over the place!

    I'm still a newbie here but these are holy words. I wonder how these guys are planning to communicate their messages to the rest of the world. So far I've thought this forum is probably not the best place to preach the "good news" of this sort! If God wants his chosen people to know - why does he only choose Westerners? BUt now these two guys have started mating (as you call it), so I fully understand your concern

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