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  • DaCheech

    I have seen many brothers in the JW's including elders & ministerial servants using that silly tower symbol

    in their: Bible covers, lapels, tie pins/clips, letterheads (personal) & many many more

    Are they not idols? when used in this manner?

    Am I the only one who sees this nonsense of double standard & hypocrisy (criticizing religions for idolotry?)

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Yeah , I remember a brother who sold the tie pins and other jewelry items with the Watchtower logo. Being a zealous pioneer at the time, I thought they were cool, I always wanted to order one. What a dork I was.

    No Apologies

  • Odrade

    I know! What's up with that? I've seen them embossed on those leather bible covers and stuff. But lately I've seen the tie tacks and lapel pins too. It's like a fraternity or something. Next you know they will have little rings like the Masons or something... well, that was the idea in the first place a hundred years ago... what goes around... LOL


  • DaCheech

    I know that they are dorks, and sometimes brothers are selling this stuff to "wanting" or "wannabe" dorks

  • blondie

    This is the WTS rule, policy, law on it on a related topic:

    km 9/74 p. 8 Question Box

    Is it fitting to display the Hebrew or English letters of the Tetragrammaton on automobiles, jewelry and other items?

    This is a matter that should rightly be left for each Witness to decide, based on the dictates of his own conscience.

    Nevertheless, circumstances vary, and what may be appropriate in one locality may not be fitting in another area. For example, where there is considerable prejudice against Jews, displaying the Tetragrammaton in Hebrew letters could give rise to needless problems due to mistaken identity. And some Jews themselves find the public display the Tetragrammaton objectionable. Also, in some areas there are other reasons why such a practice might be viewed as strange and so create misunderstandings.

    On the other hand, some have found that displaying the Tetragrammaton either in English or Hebrew letters has aroused curiosity and given openings for informal witnessing. Then, too, it has served as a means of identifying other Witnesses when traveling.

    If a person should decide to display the Tetragrammaton on his car, he should also appreciate the responsibility of not misrepresenting it by disregard for Caesar?s laws or by careless and inconsiderate driving. (hahaha)

    As Jehovah?s servants we are responsible to uphold the dignity of his name. This is done primarily by preaching and by setting a good example in Christian living. Should the public display of the Tetragrammaton detract from that, it would obviously not be fitting. Furthermore, we do not want to give others the impression that the Tetragrammaton is the symbol of Jehovah?s witnesses as a whole. We have no organizational symbol to identify ourselves but show that we are Jehovah?s Christian witnesses by living in harmony with God?s will.?John 13:35.

  • BluesBrother

    I am surprised that this sort of thing is making a re appearance. It was always seen as a wrong thing to do , ever since they got rid of the cross and crown pins back in .....whenever..... and many rears ago all the tetragrammatons were erased from Kingdom Halls, pobably after that article that Blondie posted

    I remember a visiting Bethel speaker telling us of how some visitors, from Europe, to London Bethel had something like that. ..They were soundly counselled on the danger of idolatry..... Isnt there a copyright issue of the WT logo?

  • Markfromcali

    Well there may be the argument that even though they really, really, really, really like it, they are not worshipping it. But of course, things like this is really just a small manifestation of idolatrous thinking. Frankly the entire JW religion is pretty much an idol, its just one big mental object instead of a physical object.

  • RR

    There are various JW online stores, like stoops and other binding companies and publishing houses that produce an array of items for the JWDom. I have seen bethelites with lapels, rings and necklaces with the WT logos. I have see Watchtower and Awake magnets for the fridge. Watchtower bookcases and bookends.

    During the days of Pastor Russell, there were crossand crown pins, watches, necklaces and various other items.


  • jgnat

    "McKenna Bookcovers Started at Yankee Stadium as a family run business catering to a specialized need, offering a simple, yet indispensable product for today's activity in the field ministry."


  • jgnat

    OK, this is really gross, fridge magnet:

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