One for the road

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Oh, my....I am so typically Rhode Island. I'd never heard of Greenwich Bay Clam Company. Of course, every time we take the horses out we drive within a half-mile of the place. LOL

    Again, as is typically Rhode Island, I haven't had a good clambake in ages. Just reading about the ingredients was making my mouth water, but, boy are they expensive!!! (again typically Rhode Island....we are such cheap b*st*rds)

  • Seven

    Ahhh RhW, See what you started-just mentioning quahogs! I had to go and order some littlenecks for the weekend. I know they're expensive but well worth it. LOL-you drive within a half-mile of the place. I suppose you've never been to the Brick Alley. I used to go to a casual place called Friends for real french fries and to check e-mail. 7

  • RedhorseWoman

    Brick Alley? I've been to the Brick Marketplace in Newport. Not the same, though, I suppose.

    If you know anything about Rhode Islanders it's that we generally refuse to drive to anyplace that is more than 10 minutes away.

    Now, I've been several times to the covered bridge in Foster. AND, I once visited Slater Mill, but then again, that's when I lived in Mass.

    But wait, but wait.....I went to Green Animals once.....really, I did....and I traveled 45 minutes to get there.

  • Seven

    RhW, Yeah, yeah, that's the place. There's a great
    place for seafood right across from the Brick Marketplace. You traveled 45 mins.! That must of been a Rhode Islander's equivalent of a pilgrimmage. 7

  • RedhorseWoman

    Seafood? Hmmmm....there are quite a few seafood places in Newport, so I'm having trouble placing this. Have you ever been to Salas' Dining Room?

    I haven't been there in quite awhile (terminally cheap husband), but the food was always excellent and the portions were substantial.

    Pilgrimage? Well, yes, I guess you could say that. Before we left, we packed extra food and water and sleeping bags just in case. Then we notified family members and sent a copy of our itinerary to the Town case a search needed to be initiated. Can't be too careful you know!

  • Seven

    Rhw,Have you ever been to Sala's Dining Room?No,(terminally cheap dates). It's on the same
    street as the Brick Alley Pub. I would like to go there some day. There are several good Italian places on the same street also. I wonder if Path is mad at me for turning this into a dining thread?

  • Kismet

    Seven and Red Horse Woman

    I will be in that area around the US Thanksgiving. You guarantee you will be there and I will buy dinner for the two of you whether at Sala's or whatever restaurant you choose.

    RedhorseWoman - I'd say invite your daughter but she is (alas) too young. smirk nut that doesn't mean I won't clean your stable as long as I can get a ride in there somewhere


  • Pathofthorns
    I wonder if Path is mad at me for turning this into a dining thread?

    LOL I wish everying was a dining (and drinking) thread. :)


    (thanks for the cyber hug RCat. Just was thinking out loud. Don't ever worry about me, things are and will work out just fine. :)

  • mgm

    Hello Girls
    can I bring you back to the "hard daily life"?
    I'm in quite the same situation that Path. Still going to some meetings, but don't feel too well there anymore. But I do love some brothers and the whole family are witnesses. My neighbors are witnesses, I have an witness coworker and so on...
    So far, I play the role of an "neutral" witness.
    But how long can I stand to hear the wrong teachings?
    I don't know right know, it's a difficult time...
    Just to let you know, you're not alone..

  • Simon

    It's hard isn't it ?
    There are people that I really care about and miss terribly but I cannot stand to sit there and listen to lies. I get emotional and angry and I'm afraid I'd make a scene.
    Also, I want my two sons to be brought up as 'normal' people instead of in some crazy cult - I don't want them to have to go through the same things that I did.
    At the end of the day though, what we do is up to each one of us. What is right for one person is wrong for someone else. For some, the 'truth' is just what they need in their lives.
    I guess it's all part of the human condition.

    - Simon

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