The hate on this site is a hate only love can know...

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  • logansrun

    It has often been said that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. So, do you "hate" the Watchtower Society? Could this "hate" be a concealed love?



  • kls

    Conceled love for the cult ? Nothing conceled here ,i HATE it. If someone would come and murder or rape one of my children does that mean i hate them so much i love them ? No it is pure hate

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Not anymore, LR.....I did hate the WTS (translated Gov. Potty and its evil minions) for approx. 7 or 8 yrs after my self-instigated on purpose df'ing, but now I feel more ambivalent....kinda like an outsider observing their tactics and shaking my head, rather than an insider ousted and looking back with a lot of angst.

    Frannie B

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    interesting topic, Bradley my perspective; after all these years; I do not HATE the Watchtower.

    I am indifferent to their teachings as they no longer affect me. I am as indiffent to them as I am to the teachings of Buddha or Confuscious.

    Any lingering effects from being raised as a JW have been adjusted as I have progressed passed the WT control and developed as a person and at this stage of my life a husband and father. Lifes experiences ( both good and bad) have washed away any residual Watchtower impression. The "love" I was taught to have for "Jehovah and his Organization" has been transferred or more accurately "directed" over the years to far more practical realizations: namely, love of my wife and children and the home we have built and the life we lead ; and love of education. I have developed a great love of education as I have learned that it is the key to so much of how we live our lives.

    I see the Watchtower and its followers as just another middle tier fundamentalist Christian faith which is tolerated in our great Country like so many other practices and ways of life.

    And I am greatful to live in such a free society where we DO HAVE A CHOICE.

  • logansrun

    In my opinion much of the "hatred" people have toward the Society is indeed a concealed love. We love(d) the companionship, the feeling of superiority over the rest of the world, the goal of a beutified earth and perfected life. Now all that is gone, but the love for those things remain. Like a "perfect" marriage that is broken by divorce, our one-time love is turned into hatred, for intense hatred seems to be the only way we can prevent the feelings of love we once had/have to resurface. It's a natural human reaction.

    But it can be overcome.


    (Nice thoughts, franklin. You're a model of a healthy ex-JW)

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Does this fit?

  • jgnat

    In my opinion, strong feelings are closely related. That is why deep hatred can switch to reconciling love on a dime. I see this dynamic in relationships and romantic movies all the time. I don't think that means that hatred is a form of concealed love.

    Apathy is the antethesis of deep feeling, and the true killer of love. Following this reasoning, there are many active witnesses, going through the motions, who do not love the organization they serve.

    And, I would agree with you this far, logansrun, that an exiting JW who does not explore or understand their feelings of anger are still at risk to return. The same way that a woman divorced ten times who declares that she hates all men, will likely find the eleventh man of her dreams.

    What do I get very angry about? Adults who allow children to suffer in order to meet their own selfish ends. I don't think my red-hot, unreasoning hatred for this behavior means I am at any risk of switching to love for the abuser.

    Is there a such a thing as hatred for wrong? A justified anger?

  • cyber-sista
    Is there a such a thing as hatred for wrong? A justified anger?

    I agree with Jgnat on this one.

    How could a person not feel a degree of justitified anger when they have been abused by this Organization? Whether this be emotional, mental or physical--loss of family, friends, finances and time-- we have been ripped off--it is a loss and some of us are still angry and greiving over it. We are only human.


  • gitasatsangha

    I am forever linked to the Society by the fact I was in it, and that it had so much to do with my development. I am tied with it also by the relationships I have had and still have with those who are still inside. So I cannot hate it anymore then I hate myself.

  • azaria

    I also agree with jgnat. I do think sometimes it can be blurred when we have strong feelings for someone. But then you have to ask yourself, when you do have these flip-flop feelings towards someone, is it real love. Personally I don't think so. There's a big difference between justifiable anger or hatred for a deed done than the roller coaster ride of unbalanced feelings, emotion (I hate you, I love you). As an example I hate what the org stands for. I believe it's justifiable anger. It does'nt mean that I have deep seated love for this org. Hope my post makes sense.

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