What is the difference? Aren't they both idols?

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  • brandnew

    What is the difference between 

    And this ?

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I'm not sure.    Someone could argue that the old WT insignia was an idol as well.   I think the standard J-Dub answer would be that the jW.org insignia isn't worshiped or used in worship like the cross is.  It's just an identifier. I'm not defending it though. I think it's all a stupid rebranding effort. But an idol???  My thought would be no. 
  • brandnew
    They are both lapel pins,.. the cross and crown were used y jehovahs witnesses, but stopped because they believed it was idol worship.
  • Hairtrigger
    The former is the fountainhead of all knowledge -the latter-one for the shoulder and the other for the crop of the supreme 'teacher and the greatest man who ever lived'. In fact so forceful was his teachings that all have been thrown out and we have 7 of the wisest men on earth leading 8 million through the corridors of  new intellectualism !
  • Vidiot
    The old cross-and-crown pin is prettier.
  • Heaven

    Vidiot said: The old cross-and-crown pin is prettier.

    I agree, Vidiot.

    They are both symbols. And yes, they could be interpreted as 'idol worship'.

    JWs decided at some point that the 'cross' was not legitimate (that Christ died on a stake not a cross... yeah, doubt it) for one and felt it to be a symbol of 'Christendom' aka Satan/evil and so abandoned it.

  • StarTrekAngel
    Many, at least in my cong, have been confronted with people that tell them wearing a cross (or other symbols of their religion) is not an act of worship. That it just identifies them as catholics or whatever else they are. For many years we were told what to answer in that case and the answer was that it did not matter. That it was against God's teachings to be wearing one. Many people believed that having them would protect you spiritually. It won't be long before we hear experiences of brothers being saved because they were wearing it. No difference in my books
  • steve2

    By the organization's own fundamentalist take on idolatry, both are objects of religious devotion.

    It would not be an exaggeration to imagine that the stricter view on idolatry that earlier had Witnesses removing all manner of objects from their homes and clothing for fear of either demonic influence and/or stumbling others, would condemn the current JW.org  paraphernalia as idolatry.

    And, on the topic of the Watchtower masthead: It was never displayed in kingdom halls or featured in any dress code designs.

    Hence, the growing widespread promotion and elevation of JW.org insignia is a significant change of behavior within the organization.

  • SAHS

    When you compare the new “blue box” logo of the WTS with these Scientology logos, you can really see the similarities in their types of usage and perceived importance:

  • sparrowdown
    The old WT logo thingy was never worn as a pin or jewelry, clothing, coffee mugs, pens etc. 

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