The Charity Commission for England and Wales

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    Many thanks to all who showed interest in this.

    Outoftheorg, I was not at all put out, I was just trying to clarify things.

    I am involved with Charities and the Charity Commission on a very regular basis. The charitable system in the U.K. is totally out of date and more suited to the middle ages when you doffed your cap to your superiors. The Commission is supposed to police the system to weed out and ensure that those like the WTBTS who do not meet the criteria, do not benefit. Unfortunately the Commission is completely useless at its job and a waste of public funds. It should be done away with together with the charitable system (in its present form). There are enormous loopholes in the system that are exploited by the wealthy to their maximum financial advantage. Of course they cover their backs so nothing is provable, but many people know whats going on.

    Trustees of Charities (as opposed to the Charities themselves) are generally totally clueless and have no idea of what their responsibilities are and the extent of their liability if things go wrong. Trustees are mostly middle aged, middle class people who are looking for something to do which will say to their peers "look at me, I am such a wonderful person for doing this for others" ? meanwhile all they are doing is wrecking someone else?s life. They act as unpaid, untrained and inexperienced managers in areas that seriously affect the lives and welfare of less fortunate people.

    As you may gather I am not a supporter of the system, and the fact that outfits like the WTBTS (and others even worse) can latch on to it shows why.


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    Hmmm, I've been searching for several congregations in my local area but I can't find listings for any of them........ And I know they are registered charities because I remember when the constitution was made in one hall, and hearing accounts reports in another hall regarding the tax rebate in another.

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    You don?t say how long ago this was. You have to remember that nothing will appear on the Commissions web page until at least two years after the first accounts are filed.

    The other thing that you have to watch is that often some Charities are hidden because they are registered as subsidiaries of other Charities. There are all sorts of fiddles that you can get up to to make youself difficult for the outside world to find if you are a Charity.


  • outoftheorg

    Thanks for the new information LINK.

    So once again the regulators of charities are just another sloppy government institution. Un aware or un willing to police or clean out the abusers of the system. To the point they become abusers of their own system.

    Typical government behaviour.

    Well, maybe if enough people message this organization about the genuine "non charitable" behaviour of the wbts and its congregations, some action might be taken.

    Every little bit helps.


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    Its says they provide Care/counselling on some of the congregations details,any details about this.

    Also open spaces.

  • Englishman
    The charitable system in the U.K. is totally out of date and more suited to the middle ages when you doffed your cap to your superiors

    So that's why people no longer doff their caps at me..


  • Gordy

    Thanks to all that replied.

    As has been said the laws that govern charities are old but that is going to change. I believe that the rules for deciding what is a charity are under review, a white paper has been published by the government. A charity is going to have to show that it provides a practical benefit to the community. That any money raised by the charity is shown to have been used to benefit the community.

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    How just looked at the list.

    The congregations I was interested in are listed. Interesting is their classification.

    What Religious activities.

    Who General Public/Mankind

    How Provides Human Resources eg Staff/Volunteers

    Provides buildings/facilities/open spaces

    Provides services care/counselling.

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