A Coldhearted and Hatefilled "Religion".

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  • Sunspot


    Quite an eye-opener.

    This situation concerning the Watchtower and Hitler got me into a train of thought that I wanted to share here....

    When we think about it, this antisemetic behavior of WTS foreshadowed a full-blown pattern of narrow-minded views of others, and how it has escalated into what we see in this hatefilled and controlling organization today.

    At that time it was "popular" with many, to hold those in the Jewish faith in disdain. As time went on, the "leaders" of the WTS (despite ALL their claims to the contrary), then expanded that disdain mostly for Catholics.......but for ALL "other" religions of the world.

    Just think of all the potshots taken at the Roman Catholic religion throught the years in WTS publications and "bible study" material---constantly nudging their readers in the ribs (mind) about how contemptible they and their clergy were.....causing the "readers" to be indoctrinated to the fact that Catholics were "no good" and didn't have "God's approval".

    This unhealthy attitude and blatant contempt has continued to spill out onto EVERY faith (EXCEPT for the so-called "spirit directed Watchtower Society, of course) degrading them ALL while elevating themselves until we see what this "religion" of "love???" has developed into what we are seeing today.

    Organizing their "troops" and routinely preparing everything they are to do, wear and SAY--- sending them to the doorways of the world, spreading a message of "WE have it right---YOU'RE all wrong---listen to what WE say or you'll DIE" mentality.

    What began as one misled "MAN's" ideas in Pennsylvania........has blossomed out to a worldwide, cleverly devised, hate-filled campaign that has touched and permeated the unknowing hearts of six MILLION people everywhere on earth. This has been much to the detriment of countless lives including entire families which have been shattered directly at the hands of the Watchtower's "loving message".

    The fact IS, that with the subtle approach of this antichristian "message".......MOST of this same six million folks who DO "accept" this message, aren't even AWARE of the underlying manipulation and insidious mindset that they have adopted and now vigorously defend.

    I wholeheartedly welcome ANY Jehovah's Witnesses and their defenders, who come to these discussion boards (against the "counsel" of their leaders that have published directives through the Kingdom Ministry NOT to even BE here), because they will be shown just WHAT their "religion" is based on, and see for themselves......ALL the deliberate LIES they have been fed through their poisonous "spiritual food" of the Watchtower's literature.

    The many times these new "seeds" are seen and then subsequently planted, the more times that these "points" will be "drive home" into their hearts. These truths now, will ALWAYS be there---the next time they hear something at the Kingdom Hall, or read things in a WTS publication, or see things again on the internet at different sites. It's HARD to keep denying the lies and ludicrous doctrinal changes that emanate from the "bible" as claimed. The Watchtower fears the internet because they can't control it OR thier members from READING it.

    So...education of the WTS' own history through its paper trail of foolishness, will be the downfall of this hideous organization of deceit. It speaks for itself.

    So let's get those documented facts and personal experiences OUT THERE...for all the WTS lurkers and hesitant "newbies" to clearly SEE, and to help them all to realize that we are determined to expose this manipulating and soul-less psuedo-religion for the filth that it is.


  • Sunspot

    Somehow I entered this under the "Child Abuse" topic.........by mistake. I was on Zev's thread about the Morris Lamb's tape, doing a BTTT, and then hit the "new topic" when I was done. (sigh).

    I don't have a clue on how to change this to "Friends"........

    Sorry for those who were expecting to see something else on here........



  • stillajwexelder

    wow - you really sound pissed off - I agree with you BTW

  • Sunspot

    wow - you really sound pissed off - I agree with you BTW Hi Still....... Yep, they really rattled my chain again........I just can't get out from under the pile of crap they've made of my life---simply because I chose to quietly walk away. They have NO right to do this ( the shunning and ALL it's side effects) to people, and the more they keep smacking my face with their nonsense, the more intense my feelings get.So now I'm getting back at them to expose this "pretend" religion any way that I can. Really.......I don't bite :) I look JUST like my avatar My fangs are hidden and ONLY come out at the keyboard, LOL! hugs, Annie (Are you a NICE Elder??? I have TEA that tastes like arsenic for the b-a-a-a-a-d ones....right next to my comfy chair)

  • boa

    hi sunspot....i thought i could just leave a lot of this crap behind from this org....but tis not to be.....i can only guess its because i was born into it and indoctrinated for 30 yrs...sheesh

    i hear yah, and i feel with yah.....

    btw...is your avatar a character from peter rabbit?....cuz if it is....my son loves that show!


  • hawkaw

    I believe I have changed this to the "friends" area per your request "Sunspot".

    Take care.


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Indeed,JW's are a supremacist cult Just like the Nazis.Their's is the only supreme truth.They are the, "meek who will inherit the Earth". [Psalms 37:11]

    Sooooo,everyone else; men,women and children are all: Dead meat by default..

    A popular "strong" elder from my old Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall,was fond of saying;"there are 7 birds for every human".[Rev.19:17]

    They make the nazis look nice!Taliban look tame, and Manson look meek.

    I have NO FEAR of the Jehovah! If the God of the Watchtower is the one true God,and if JW's are to ,"inherit the earth".


    Reply to Sunspot:(Are you a NICE Elder??? I have TEA that tastes like arsenic for the b-a-a-a-a-d ones....right next to my comfy chair) Danny's reply: A "good" Jehovah's Witness is to me ,what a "good" nazi is to a holocaust survivor.

  • Sunspot

    btw...is your avatar a character from peter rabbit?....cuz if it is....my son loves that show!

    Hi Boa!

    Yeah, I keep getting told to leave it behind too, but as you see...........<smile>

    I don't know WHAT my avatar is taken from......I had gathered up a bunch of cute pix from all over different webpages that offered them free, and saved them to use in emails and such...."graphics" I think they're called (I do a lot a craft stuff) so I had everything from ducks to zebras.....and I thought THIS one fit me the best.....:o)

    hugs to Boa & son,

    Annie...........(who secretly watches SpongeBob Squarepants.......shhhh!)

  • Sunspot

    Thanks Hawk, for changing that for me! Boy, they sure keep ya BIZZY around here, huh? Lemmee know when the coffee's ready, will ya? (smile)

    Love Ya,


  • Sunspot

    I have NO FEAR of the Jehovah! If the God of the Watchtower is the one true God,and if JW's are to ,"inherit the earth".


    LOL! I HEAR ya, Danny!

    Like the late comedian Groucho Marx used to say, "I don't want to join any club that would have me as a member"...(paraphrased) but that's how *I* feel about the prospect of spending eternity with millions of JWs all dressed in 1950's suits and Polyester skirts eating fruit and standing around with goofy-looking smiles on their faces.......



  • Amazing1914

    Hi Sunspot,

    You may b interested in a new book being published right now regarding Hitler and the Watchtower. It is by Dr. James Penton. He wrote the book, "Apocolypse Depayed," a very honest and detailed history of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is a must read and highly complements Ray Franz's books.

    Jim Penton is a former JW ... and a professor of History at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is now retired ... but has written a number of books. You can be sure that his treatment of the JWs will be honest, fair, and balanced ... but, it is a book that I think many ex-JWs should read.

    Jim W.

  • Sunspot

    Hi Jim!

    I've heard about Penton's books ever since I learned to use the computer, although I haven't read one as yet! I'm re-reading COC because when I first got it I must not have been emotionally ready for it and it hurt too much to really take it all in and get the full impact of what he was saying. It was right after I had decided to DA myself and I had a lot of issues to deal with at the time.

    I also have Ray Franz' second book " In Search if Christian Freedom" sitting right here to be read when I'm finished with COC, so I'll be kept quite busy!

    I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself......we think you're a pretty special guy, if ya don't mind me saying so (blush)!

    Thanks for your comment........

    Big hugs,


  • cyber-sista



    I have NO FEAR of the Jehovah! If the God of the Watchtower is the one true God,and if JW's are to ,"inherit the earth".


    This was my very thought at the end of my WT daze...The thought of being controlled by those "princes of the earth" (the elders) in the new earth sounded like some sort of hellish nightmare... Ever notice those women in the pictures of the new earth? They still didn't look like they were letting their hair down--no earth mamas there--noticed many of them were still wearing high heals and modest skirts (My dream was of running naked down beaches with flowers in my hair). OK, maybe that is a bit too much info... Guess I never did fit the picture.


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