Marley Cole - "Jehovahs Witnesses, the New World Society"

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  • nicolaou

    I recently bought a copy of this book off Ebay and am trying to find some official Watchtower approval of it so that I can lend it to my Mum. Ray Franz stated that Cole himself was a Witness and that he wrote the book "with the full cooperation of the Society." [C of C p72]

    Is there any way of corroborating this? The only two WT references to Marley Cole and his book are from 1955 issues of the Watchtower;

    *** w55 8/15 p. 511 Jehovah?s Witnesses?the New World Society ***

    Jehovah?s Witnesses?the New World SocietyA new book by this name has been published by Vantage Press of New York city. Written in newsy reporter style by Marley Cole, it presents for the first time in book form authentic information on the history, activities and doctrinal views of Jehovah?s witnesses. Much of the material was gathered by personal interviews with witnesses, some of them being officials of the Society. Frequently in the news is something about the religion of President Eisenhower?s parents. This book gives the facts often overlooked or concealed, with documentary proof that they were Jehovah?s witnesses for many years. You will be interested in reading this 229-page book and seeing its many fine photographs. It is $2.95 a copy, and may be had at your local bookstore or from the Watchtower Society, 117 Adams Street, Brooklyn 1, N. Y.

    [emphasis added]


    w55 12/1 pp. 733-734 Part 1: The "Triumphant Kingdom" Assemblies of 1955 ***

    The way the assembly dominated the news affected the sale of the newly released Vantage Press? book entitled "Jehovah?s Witnesses?the New World Society," by Marley Cole. Chicago bookstores handling it were selling out their stock of it, to put the book in line for a place on the best-seller list.

    Of course, an advert in the Watchtower for a 'non-Watchtower' book is a pretty strong endorsement but is there anything else I can use?


  • TheOldHippie

    In the brochure "Report on "Divine Will" International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses", issued in 1958 and covering the huge assembly held on Yankee Stadium and Polo Grounds in New York, July 27 thru August 3, 1958, I ran across a photo towards the end of the brochure, of a man teaching or lecturing people, and the text says that it is Brother Marley Cole instructing these brothers and sisters working in the press department on how to deal with the press.

    So it is stated by the JW themselves in that brochure.

  • Gopher

    We had a copy of this book in our home when I was growing up (as a J-dub). My parents attended the New York City convention in 1958. I don't know if they got this book there or if they ordered it from Vantage Press.

    Anyhow most old-time JW's will remember this book, and it seems to have been "approved reading" while it was in print. I'm sure that now the Society would rather have you read their "Kingdom Proclaimers" book released in 1993, but Cole's book is still of interest to some JW's.

    I remember hearing the term "new world society" applied to JW's as a group when I was younger, but it seemed to go out of style after the 1970's.

  • nicolaou

    Old Hippie

    Do you have a copy of that brochure? Could you scan and post the relevant part?


  • TheOldHippie

    I'll check and be back tomorrow if I manage to scan.

  • NeonMadman

    The fact that the book was being advertised in the Watchtower and could even be purchased from the Society is a pretty strong endorsement by them of its contents. The number of "outside" books that could actually be purchased through the Society over the years has been minimal. The only other two that come to mind (except for Bible translations) are The Two Babylons and Faith on the March.

    As I recall, you could even order Marley Cole's book through the Kingdom Hall literature counter.

  • Mulan

    We never met Marley Cole, but he was the uncle of one of our friends, so he definitely WAS a JW.

  • Farkel

    Two things are interesting about Marley Cole and his book. First, the WTS somewhat dishonestly did not state that Cole was a dub. Second, and most important, the WTS did not DISAPPROVE the book, as they did with all but a few other books not written by themselves as mentioned by another poster.

    Whether they publically approved it or not is not nearly as important to a dub as the fact that they did not disapprove it. Like Macmillan's "Faith on the March," you can bet your last dollar that the society had its hand in the editing of Cole's book before it was published, and like Macmillan's book, it presents and very favorable and distorted view of dubism.


  • onacruse

    If anyone would like information about this book (and Faith on the March), arrangements can be made.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    I remember reading FOTM as a kid.

    I was somewhat surprised to discover that some JW has apparently put the entire book online in HTML. He links to the WTS website right at the top of the home page. This may be old news around here, but it seemed pertinent...

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    This from N.H. Knorr's foreword of FOTM:

    Toward the end of 1955 Mr. Macmillan asked permission to use the Society's files to write an account of his experiences in the ministry. Since he is a trusted member of the headquarters staff, he was granted permission. A few months ago he informed me the work was finished, and at his request I agreed to read the manuscript for technical accuracy. I soon found myself engrossed in the story which the account of his life and association with Jehovah's witnesses had produced.
  • nicolaou


    I'm curious, what kind of information are you talking about? PM me if you'd prefer. For the record, FOTM is also available online at

  • Publisherpaul

    Hi There,

    In 1996 Marley Cole wrote his autobiography called 'Harvest Of Our Lives', it goes into great detail about his life as a Jehovah's Witness and the Book Project and the Watchtowers help in publishing it. It's still in print. I'm lead to believe he is still a 'faithful Brother'. (ISBN O-9613657-7-3.)

    Hope this helps.

  • Amazing1914
    Of course, an advert in the Watchtower for a 'non-Watchtower' book is a pretty strong endorsement but is there anything else I can use?

    Do you really need any greater endorsement? The Watchtower Society never advertizes any products in its publications ... so for them to do this is a ringing endorsement ...

    However, why would you give this biased, pro-JW book to your mum? Are you trying to help her become a JW? I read this book twice, and it is clearly a dripping endorsement, unobjective, cleverly designed to move a person to look into becoming a JW ... I strongly believe it was a trial baloon to see if they could gain converts by having a so-called "independent" book written about them ... and Ray Franz's comments are spot on ... it was written with the full cooperation of the Society ...


  • gumby
    Are you trying to help her become a JW?

    I was wondering the same thing. WHY do you want her to read this?


  • Publisherpaul

    Quotes from 'Harvest of out Lives' MARLEY COLE 1996

    'The Book project was started in 1953. For 2 years I worked on that book under pressures that just about destroyed Fern (his wife) and me. Headquauters worked with me, page by page on every chapter throughout the book, furnishing some of the material...... part of the strain was having to keeping mum about the project..... The scoiety wanted the book out in time for release during the 1955 conventions....

    The two years of getting through that book left Fern and me in a shambles. Cliff and Sherif Lowery got me to go see this therapist. He Said I was severely exhausted. Another Doctor said my physical nervous system was depleted.....'

  • GermanXJW

    Cole later wrote a book "Triumphant Kingdom" that as I heard was not endorsed by the Society.

  • garybuss

    The Harvest of Our Lives
    Author: Marley Cole Year Published: 1996 Is the author a Witness: Yes
    Publisher: Stoops Publishing Pages: 155 ISBN: 0961365773
    Autobiography of Marley Cole. You've read his works. Now the life story of this faithful author and his dear wife can be enjoyed. You'll feel aquainted with Marley and Fern as you relive their life's experiences great and small. There is humor and serious contemplation, successes and failures, elation and sadness, commendation and persecution, youth and now advancing years. This life story is unlike any other. It is impossible to lay it down until you finish it!

  • brucer421

    He was in my mother's congregation in New Britain, CT. My mom is one of the ones getting baptized in one of the books' pictures.

    Take care, B

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