Christian agnosticism

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  • tornapart

    I never realised there was such a thing as 'Christian agnosticism' until recently. I've been wondering for a long time where my beliefs where at. I still believe in God and still believe in Jesus but not sure exactly what else. So I have just discovered that this is what a 'christian agnostic' is. I've been reading about others who think the same way and it's quite comforting. After having been with an organisation for decades that 'had all the answers', I had found myself not sure what to believe anymore, even wondering if God really exists and while I obviously have no proof that he does exist, I can't completely reject his existence. I have come to the conclusion that evolution is a process set in motion by God and the bible was written by men who had their own idea of who and what God is and what he wants. Some may be right, some may be wrong. I have felt very uncomfortable for a long time, floundering almost. I don't ever want to have anything to do with any kind of organised religion ever again and that is freeing. My family have come to accept my decision, including my elder husband. If I go to a meeting, it's as an onlooker, an outsider. A hello to old friends and nothing more. I feel a lot happier now. It really doesn't matter what I believe or don't believe anymore. Maybe 'christian agnosticism' is just a label but it sums up quite well where I'm at right now.

    What stage in your beliefs (or non-beliefs) are you at right now?

  • redpilltwice

    Actually I still don't know and it can be tormenting at times. Interesting post, still digesting it.

  • Saethydd

    Agnostic deist who doesn't really see the point in searching for the god(s) who may or may not exist, because if they don't exist it is a fruitless endeavor, and if they do they have purposely made themselves hard to find, and I don't believe someone who loves me would ever purposely make me search for them with no indication that finding them is even a possibility.

  • waton

    Of course it is honest to admit that we do not know it all at all. that is being an a-gnostic. A Deist though, believes that there is a Creator, just not an intervening, constantly micro-managing "god".

    A Christian Agnostic must accept that there was a talking snake, requiring Christ to die and compensate, not knowing is not the right word for that proposition. or?

  • nonjwspouse

    Found out tonight my husband's father ( former elder, completely inactive and evidently out since 78) has a "nothing" belief system", were the words my husband used. Hummm. "He's just even, level, just there", my husband said. It's so strange how there is no way for my husband to describe his own beliefs, and also no way to describe his father's. I ask any questions, and he answers, "I don't know, or I don't remember". .....yeah. .

    My husband plans to go to the memorial tomorrow. It's always a stressful time for me, since each year could be the year he jump starts his jump back in to the cult. His father, however, stopped going in the 70's.

  • illusive

    The term 'christian agnostic' is a misnomer. An agnostic is a person who is theologically and religiously neutral. A person cannot be a Christian (one who follows after Christ), and be a agnostic ( one who is religiously neutral). An agnostic may find the teachings of certain religious doctrines of practical or moral benefit.

  • tornapart

    Yes, it does seem like a misnomer which is why I was surprised the term even existed. Being a follower of Christ doesn't necessarily mean believing in a talking snake. What if it was a metaphor for something else? A legend or a parable for some kind of rebellion? Were Adam and Eve real people? Or did they represent 1)Man of the earth- mankind 2)Mother of humankind- womankind. This is the thing... we don't know, we weren't there. A believer is someone who believes and has faith in something that cannot be explained. That's why it's called 'faith'. So I actually think 'christian agnostic' is quite a good term for someone like me, who has faith that God exists and that Jesus exists but isn't too sure about what to believe about them, other than the writings of Bible, which can be very confusing at times.

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