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  • Andyman

    I was over at the freeminds site and found this article. It really got me because I used to go to the Tacoma Dome for conventions.


    Take care.


  • Seven

    Thanks for the link Andyman.

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  • Dubby

    I used to go to the Tacoma Dome, also. We would rush over to the Almond Roca store during lunch. One year I volunteered to make sandwiches at 6 am to feed the hungry flock. While making the sandwiches, known as "hoagies", one JW renamed us , declaring, "we are Jehoagie's Witnesses!"

    It figures about the parking thing. More doublespeak at work. And always a controversy about fees and taxes.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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  • waiting

    Hey y'all,

    Years ago, my husband used to be in Acctg. Dept. Back then, where our assemblies are still held, the stadium used their own students as attendents to collect *their* ticket money. We knew that the money for parking was going to the stadium - the tickets had their name on it.

    However, for many years now, "jw parking attendents" collect our prepaid (at the KH) parking tickets. And if recollection serves me, each assembly week has a different color ticket (can't use the same one twice.) I believe the current cost in our area is $5.00 for 3 days. Park outside of area, if you don't want to pay. This is not a donation - you cannot park in these areas without a ticket.

    My husband & I always thought that the money for parking tickets went to the stadium. We just assumed this, however. I do not feel that the fee is excessive - I do feel that they should tell us what we're paying for. We paidfor our parking tickets. Are they claimed as taxable income? I do not know, but somehow doubt it. Probably the whole assembly is written off as a taxable loss.

    If you'll remember the Accounts Report during the last day of the Assembly, usually after lunch, a serious brother would announce the carry-over from the last assembly, the bills incurred for the current assembly - and the small amount contributed so far to cover these expenses. I always {b]assumed the reason was to encourage jw's to contribute or the assembly would go into the hole. Must have worked - there was a consistent carry-over from the previous assemblies held. To the best of memory, this announcement was made about assembly donations only.

    Parking tickets were paid in advance of the assemblies at the home cong. It would be reasonable to assume (as the R&F must do a lot of times) that these paid-for tickets were not included in the announcement of donations collected. They were parking tickets we had to pay for or not receive. I don't believe this could be construed by the R&F as a donation. No ticket - No park.[/b]

    Now, Tacoma was different, according to the article. By law, the WTBTS was not to collect additional parking fees from people coming to their event. They charged - they broke the law.
    I agree with the original article thought - the stadium probably won't say much - it's good summer (slow time) business.

    Back to my principle arguement with the Friend of the Court Brief in the Jimmy Swaggart Ministeries Courtcase. If the Society can intermingle, assume, get us to assume, lie (in small ways, I'm sure) about their principles and their money, then, damn it, I want to buy - out in the southern usa open to the world - Girl Scout cookies and say Merry Christmas in return to people in the seasonal mood.

    Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth, huh?


  • RedhorseWoman


    Do it anyway. There is nothing in scripture about buying Girl Scout cookies. You are simply paying for a product. And after the initial choking on the words, responding with a "Merry Christmas to you, too!" really helps to lift your spirits.

    I won't tell.



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  • SolidSender

    Hi Andy,

    beautiful post.

    Did you notice the paragraph that mentioned Bruce Baker is online?

    Who knows, with any luck he may start posting heaps of WTS dirty laundry here? !SolidSender

  • Andyman

    Hi Waiting;

    I agree with what you posted, getting a parking "ticket" means "buying" it, not "contributing"!

    I also remember those "last day" talks about the expenses, and don't forget to "donate". Would have been a little more honest if the would have sid, "hey by the way, we made an extra $120,000.00 on parking this weekend"!

    And they claim to be "no part of the world"! Sounds like a pretty good "wordly" scam to me!

    By the way go for the cookies, they are "great", and wishing someone a "merry Christmas" really feels good, go for it!!!!!

    Take care.


  • waiting

    Hey Red & Andy,

    You buy Girl Scout cookies - in the open? wow....

    For years, we would buy them, store them in a bag, and throw away the box. You just didn't share them with too many people because everyone knew they were GS cookies. Guess they bought them too, huh?

    Just tasted too good to be anything else!

    waiting, for the season

  • Simon

    Hey Solid, who's Bruce Baker ?

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