The Netherlands: Minister for Legal Protection wants Jehovah's Witnesses to conduct an independent investigation of sexual abuse

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  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    @ Jochie Thanks for doing such a good job! I know for you this is a personal matter, but for me, I hope this attention in the newspapers and so on will bring my husband to THINK and see the truth.

    I told him about abuse within the Borg a few years ago but he said he never heard of that. I asked him why we condemn the Catholic Church for their 'bad fruits', (You know, with everything that happens there, it cannot be the true religion!) but at the same time the same things happen within the organisation and suddenly 'we have to wait for Jehovah' and 'that SOME people are bad, doesn't mean that the Organisation itself is bad.'

    Now this news was on the radio last week, and I told him about it (since he had not heard it himself) His answer was ... 'well it's not like the organisation is the ONLY place where abuse's everywhere nowadays. "

    So we've made some least he realises now that abuse DOES happen within the organisation. There is still a lot of cognitive dissonance of course, but I hope that there will be a lot of attention and discussion about this matter and that more JW's will finally see the light.

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