Should private citizens be allowed to video record law enforcement?

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    Like I said, he told her that he was arresting her after he had already started chasing her. It was an unlawful arrest, and might even have been deemed so because he is required by law to notify her before he attempts to actually make the arrest. So... that is all in the video too.

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    As a police officer of nearly 20 years I would certainly hope that a good citizen filming me struggling to take a suspect into custody would lend a hand.

    That is a truly brave man in the clip you showed. There was an article on the BBC News asking the question of if people should help instead of filming. The experts that were interviewed said filming does help but the most important thing is for people to gauge their safety.

    I think it depends on the situation. I'm likely to help if I can... but... who can know what they will do until they are in that situation.

    I see the corruption, I see the good intentions gone wrong, and then I have worked in places where I was grateful for police presence. It's a thankless job these days.

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    he is required by law to notify her before he attempts to actually make the arrest.

    You are wrong. Law enforcement can detain someone without telling the person she is detained. You are not free to go unless you ask the officer if you can.

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    Let's say you are driving by and stop at light then someone in plain clothes puts a gun to your head and tells not to move. He says someone with your description just robbed a bank. He does not identify himself. He then instructs you to get out of the car and to put your hands behind your back. He put handcuffs on you. You demand to see ID, he refuses. He searches you and then he searches your vehicle. He finds nothing. He then apologizes and then let's you go.

    You are lucky to be alive or not in jail. Had you resisted he could have shot you. If you did not allow him to search your vehicle, he could have arrested you and planted evidence and bring dogs that signal that you have contraband in the car. Or they bring dogs anyway trained to signal that you have contraband even though you are as innocent as Jesus, then they plant the evidence. And off to jail or spend 5 years in legal proceedings fighting the case. So one better be nice.

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    absolutely rediculious. I dont what kind of mayberry pd you worked for but if someone comes running toward a struggling police officer in my area they will be shot. An officer has several non lethal means he can use to subdue a suspect includig a tazer. Let the officer do his job. Running towards him or her while they in a high stress situation is only more stress and a very bad idea

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    Let's be honest, not everyone filming is interested in justice or a fair outcome. Many people film so that they can then present a very one-sided view of a situation - maybe showing some "police brutality" to suit their own political agenda but missing all the action that would show a more balanced view of what happened.

    But in public places no one has the expectation of or right to privacy (as long as they are not being harassed).

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    Desirous of change... nail on the head... but I suppose he filmed this for "political" reasons and we don't have all the facts... Poor innocent police officer.

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