Today's Text - How To Be A Judgemental A**hole!

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  • Divergent

    Saturday, August 19

    Make sure of the more important things, so that you may be flawless and not stumbling others.—Phil. 1:10.

    How can we train our conscience? Key ways are by regularly and prayerfully studying the Bible, meditating on what we read, and then putting into practice what we have learned. Obviously, this involves more than accumulating facts and learning rules. Our study of the Bible should gradually give us an ever more precise picture of Jehovah, his personality, his qualities, and what he likes or dislikes. Our conscience becomes attuned to the ways of Jehovah God. This should stir our heart, moving us to want to become more and more like him. However, if we cannot understand the conscientious decision of a fellow believer on some personal matter, we should not quickly judge him or feel that we ought to pressure him to change his mind. Perhaps his conscience is still “weak” and in need of more training or is too sensitive on certain issues.—1 Cor. 8:11, 12. w15 9/15 2:4,8, 10

    So JW's SHOULD NOT quickly judge others or pressure them to change their minds, BUT it is the OTHER person who is assumed to have a weak conscience and in need of more training and said to be too sentitive??? That ironically makes what was said before it about NOT judging completely irrelevant!!! Double-speak at its very best!

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Those in the WTBorg Inc. who write this Mind Control Indoctrination are certainly skilled in the art of conjuring up brain-splitting gobbledy-gook! Orwellian Double Speak.

    A steady diet of this sort of dissonance could lead to insanity. Does lead to insanity.

    Deceived into worship of Satan who pretends to be the almighty one.

  • Listener

    Good pick-up Divergent and they are only talking about personal matters, anything else and it's fine to be completely judgemental. In that case, there's nothing wrong with pressuring him to change his decision.

    What is surprising is that it only mentions studying the Bible and meditating on what we learn. No mention of Bible aids, like the ever so important Watchtower. Although real Christians know that you can only study the Bible with Watchtower's aids.

    Pity that they forget to mention that as Christians are in the New Covenant they are given the gift of having the law written in their hearts but since it only applies to less than .1% of JWs (the anointed), I guess it's not important enough to mention.

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