Hubby has been doing research on the internet!!!!

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  • atacrossroads

    My husband was recently subjected to an intervention by his parents. I am apparently a danger to his spirituality. After I stopped attending meetings and went apostate hubby decided to resign as a MS to spend more time with me. He thought at the time he was a neglectful husband and was going to devote himself to getting me back to the JW's. He soon learned he was wasting his time and for a long time our marriage was in real trouble and I was even considering divorce.

    The in-laws are claiming since he resigned as a MS he has not been the same. He hardly goes in FS anymore and his meeting attendance has dropped. He was attending like 90% of the meetings. I don't know what they are complaining about. They claim he was no longer socializing with them and distancing himself from them. His father also accused him of knowing a lot more about my leaving the witnesses than he was letting on. He attempted to grill him and asked him to move back in with them temporarily. Yes you read that right. They told him to leave me but only "temporarily". I am a spiritual danger and satan has gotten a hold of me. I think a lot more was said but I think to spare my feelings that is all he told me.

    He came home and said my parents and his parents are crazy and we needed to take an extended break from them. Fine by me. I was already on a break from my parents. He is really stumbled by what they said to him. He said he was tired of the do more mentality of the witnesses. I was shocked when that came out of his mouth. He said nothing he did was ever enough and his father considers him a complete failure. He said that since he resigned as a MS it has allowed him to pursue other interests and he has enjoyed the freedom. I asked him if he has been on the internet doing research. He then admitted to me that he had!!! He said that he is no longer sure the witnesses have the truth. He said he is very conflicted about what he is reading. This just happened yesterday so this is all very new. He said he will no longer be attending meetings and says he hates going in FS. I can't believe it!! I am still in shock. I never saw this coming. He asked me to give him space to do his own research and come to his own conclusions.

    I don't know what is going to happen but I never dreamed this would happen especially since such a short time ago I thought our marriage was ending. I asked him if he was worried about being pursued aggressively by the elders and his parents and he said he knows it will be rough for a while but I taught him how to play the avoid the parents/elders game. lol I am worried I will wake up and this will only be a dream. I think I would absolutely be crushed if he decided the witnesses have the truth but he is very smart. After I did my research there was no going back for me. I hope hope hope it will be the same for him.

  • ListlessWitness
    I am so excited for you both, that is wonderfuĺ! Might be tough for you to give him the space to do his own research without chiming in. Also when he does discuss what he finds out, might be hard for you to hold back on pouring out everything you know. But the fact that he wants to do it himself is a bonus. This is amazing, keep us posted please!
  • Tornintwo

    Wow, what a result! Great news for you. Isn't it ironic that their controlling, critical form of showing 'love' is having the opposite effect on him. Try to point him to if you can, some of the other apostate websites can turn people back to the org they can be overly bitter and critical, imo

  • onightdivine
    Hello. That is indeed good news! I am happy to read these stories. I don't have any JW family members but I also hope that my "close friends" in the org wake up. I care about them, too.
  • Zoos

    "Truly, I tell you, joy arises among the angels of God over one Jehovah's Witness who comes to his senses."

  • nicolaou

    Whoa! Wonderful to hear, thanks for sharing atactossroads.

    He asked me to give him space to do his own research and come to his own conclusions.

    ↑↑↑ Respect this ↑↑↑

  • KateWild

    This is really good news we love hearing that one's are doing research and might wake up.

    Kate xx

  • cantleave
    Sounds promising.
  • cofty
    Great news, please keep us posted
  • maksutov
    Awesome. It still could go either way, but it sounds very positive (the hardest part is entertaining the notion that it might not be true, which he has already done). All the best.

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