Have any ex-jws considered joining the Bible Students?

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  • Pterist

    Seasonal greeting ...

    Bible students :

    Location in Orlando also available online ..get Adobe app and copy and paste the following URL if interested ...I never physically went ..i read their monthly mag

    regards ..

    Email I relieved last year ...

    Thank you for calling and talking to us the other day. Sorry for the delay in responding. This is the link by which our ecclesia broadcasts its Sunday meetings. https://Biblestudents.adobeconnect.com/Orlando

    Enter your name on the name field and press the Join the Meeting button and Adobe Connect will download and launch on your computer. You will be to see and listen to our meeting.

    Our Sunday meeting schedule is as follows:

    9:45am – 10:45 am 6th Volume of Studies in the Scriptures Study: We will start on page 397 paragraph 2 β€œIn so complete …” This is in the chapter on

    the Judgment of the New Creation

    11:05am - 12:00 noon Discourse by one of ecclesia elders, special study or question.


  • Pterist

    Bible Students:



    Monthly Mag


    More acceptable (no slandering all and sundry) than the Borg !

  • jacobm

    I studied with a small ecclesia (group) for about a year. Very nice people who are very studious and take serious their personal relationship with God. Their general teachings make the most sense to me of any other Christian faith.

    While their beliefs can vary depending on person to person, I believe most of them consider CT Russell to be the Faithful Slave, Laodicean Messenger, and Man with the Writers Inkhorn. Most also believe Christ had his parousia in 1874.

    Like anything else, do your homework first. And, don't jump into anything. I would say stop attending JW meetings for a year, before getting involved in anything else.

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