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    Some people prefer not to use any opioids because they have what they call an "addictive personality", that is a propensity to develop an addiction to things. That can happen with any substance, not just medical marijuana.

    Let’s clear this up, I hate seeing misinformation repeated.

    Cannabis is not addictive. It’s just not, there’s no physical addiction.

    Cannabis is addictive like playing video games, eating junk food, watching porn or even going to Gym and working out.

    Opiates are addictive, nicotine and alcohol also. It’s physical addiction and it’s powerful.

  • iknowthetruth

    Why do they know what medication you are taking. It none of their business.

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    Keep in mind that an entire line of pharmacology for the conditions that you mention exists, and most-to all of their components can cause the same addiction than marijuana. From that perspective, there's no difference between medical marijuana and other pharmacology

    The difference between a drug and poison is really only the dose. Many pharmaceuticals are not only physically addictive they will also kill you if overdosed.

    Cannabis is not toxic, even in extreme doses, take care not to choke on your edibles and you’ll be fine.

  • ShirleyW

    When you have a cold or a headache, do you inform the elders that you have taken Advil or Tylenol to relieve the pain? Why did you even tell them something that should be just between you and your Dr.? You sound like a dyed in the wool, uber witness like mother, however, she did not inform the elders of her medications for high blood pressure and arthritis, they were probably on the same meds anyway.

  • Giordano

    Never reveal anything to the Elders. They are not trained or equipped to do anything that takes a thoughtful and educated response. They turn to their secret flock book and look it up.

    Back in 1970 the WT started to call transplants cannibalism. Life saving transfusions was 'eating blood' which was not the proper definition Transplants are replacing a failed body part. Blood transfusions are to replace blood cells. It's not feeding like a vampire.

    As some one mentioned you really should limit your relationship with the WTBTS.

    You decide about God and His son........ make it a personal relationship if you are so inclined you don't need a publishing house and a real estate holding company to run your life.

    P.S. This is what the Society calls an Apostate site. It's filled with EX JW Elders, MS's, wives, pioneers etc. I imagine in this brief exchange you have gotten sincere and caring advice. A little lurking will serve you well if your interested in how open, argumentative, and what free speech sounds like and how informative it can be.


    I think grass is a gift from God to humanity. Much like wine. See GEN 1

    11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good

  • ragingmad

    I know someone in oregon who gives his daughter who is dying from cancer cdb oil, and he's an elder. I have not yet seen anything from the society yet on this psychoactive and thc free medicine. I even use hemp and cdb oil myself for anxiety and adrenal issues.

    There's always a delay before the society addresses anything new. It takes time to research things and determine what God thinks about it. I am thinking about using medical marijuana and if a dr gives it to me, then oh well. I won't speak about it at the hall and it's between me and God.

    I wish they would put a bibliography or list sources or the name or date of the studies in the watchtower and awake, so that we can research articles like this one:

    Never reveal anything to the Elders. They are not trained or equipped to do anything that takes a thoughtful and educated response. They turn to their secret flock book and look it up.

    Just threaten to sue the elders and the congregation and you won't be disfellowshipped!

    Also it's a myth that marijuana and hemp do not create more paper per acre per year than trees. But I think the logging and paper industry is behind making marijuana illegal.

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    Also it's a myth that marijuana and hemp do not create more paper per acre per year than trees. But I think the logging and paper industry is behind making marijuana illegal

    Yes, hemp is a better material for paper, it’s a vastly superior fibre.

    William Randolph Hearst...he sold timber to paper mills... he and just a handful of others campaigned hard to have it scheduled as a narcotic... to pave the way for money making industry. The reefer madness propaganda started and hemp/cannabis became the maligned ‘marijuana’ and the subject of hysteria and outright lies...during the 1930s.

    It was stolen from the population, legalisation is long overdue.

    I rember fish oil advertisements on TV 10-20years ago. The health benefits of omega fat rich fish oil are so good for your brain! It’s amazing, they extract it, put it into pills, they are sold in many varieties.. the omega 3 -6 are essential fatty acids and the fish oil is so healthy.. everyone should buy it!!!

    Hemp seed is a superior source of Omega fats, actually the best natural source known. Omega 3-6 and 9 are only absorbed if consumed with the right vitamins and minerals. Where fish oil fails, hemp seed does not... 1/3 protein by weight (kick ass edestin and albium) hemp seed also contains calcium, magnesium and zinc for optimum omega benefits.

    Never heard a positive thing about cannabis until I educated myself, but I feel it’s criminalisation is one of the biggest injustices ever dealt out.

    The earth itself would literally improve if we embraced cannabis. Moved to hemp fuel, food, materials and so forth. Hopefully everyone is soon educated, and kicks all opposed to cannabis out of government.

  • ragingmad

    I found the truth, it's banning was related to paper and biodiesel:


    1 - Made a 'tea' from the seeds etc which my wife used for the nausea during Chemo - It worked very well and she did not get 'high'

    2 - I have a very small syringe full of a version which is like thick black tar - I take a rice-grain sized amount when I feel stressed and or down [I have GAD - Depression] and it just "takes the edge off" the stress I feel [I do not get High......sadly lol] + taken at night I sleep like a baby and wake up as I always do like a light switch - no dopey feelings or any side effects.

    Of course each his own your own research.

    The stuff is illegal in my country for recreational use but can be gotten if prescribed.

    I got mine via the Health Shop and there is a Thriving market of people using it for general day to day health - from ALL walks of life/

    Personally I would not imbibe anything that involves smoke particles into the lungs etc

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