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  • simplesally

    When was this talk given?

  • jgnat

    Sounds like a form of gnosticism.

    physical things do not bring lasting joy and happiness. It has to come from within. True happiness is linked with the thoughts of God.

    When is the last time Mr. Sydlik spent any time outside his monastery?

  • lisavegas420
    When was this talk given?

    I'm not sure, but I'll ask and let you know. The original message on the email to me said it was sent on Wednesday Feburary 4, 2004 and came from a TED KASKARAS Lisa

  • sf

    [DOC] The Price of Pride—How High
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    ... Brother Sydlik?s talk was entitled ?Happy Is the People Whose God Is Jehovah!?
    Both talks were particularly timely in view of the opposition that Jehovah?s ... Wt98/Wt%20Jul%2001%201998.doc - Supplemental Result - Similar pages

    Looks like it was '98.


  • lisaBObeesa

    This is just the kind of crap I actually believed.

    I didn't believe about the '144,000' or that the Borg was 'Gods one true religion', but I believed this rubbish about not caring about my feelings and I learned to feel guilty if I felt sad.

    And perhaps with a few more years of therapy I may undo some of the damage and pain the crap has caused in my life!!

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Thanks Lisa!

  • Gopher

    I was "privileged" to give the Sunday talk a few times, called "Serve Jehovah With a Joyful Heart". It had the same basic elements talked about by Dan Sydlik.

    Of course happiness is an "inside" job, that's not rocket science. However, notice the twist put on it by this demanding member of the Governing Body:

    (1) Think more about Jehovah. Pray at least 15 minutes every morning.

    (2) Learn to care less about yourself and more about others. Go out in service....

    The answer is do more, do more, do more! You're not thinking ENOUGH about the organization and Jehovah. (How many JW's pray even 3 minutes every morning, let alone 15??? Sydlik must have a lot of time on his hands!!)

    And do MORE to serve Jehovah the Society. Thinking about others means always worrying about how to sneak in a witness at ALL occasions. If you miss even one occasion where you could have said something about Jehovah's Kingdom, by God Almighty YOU'RE BLOODGUILTY!

    No wonder the JW's have "happiness" problems. They can never do enough to make Jehovah their leaders happy.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    How interesting that brother Sydlik would tell anyone the amount of minutes one should pray, when Jesus said, " You however, when you pray, go into your private room and, after shutting the door, pray to to your Father who is in secret: then your father who looks on in secret will repay you." Matt 6:6

    Where and when did Jesus ever suggest the amount of time one should pray to his/her Father in heaven?

    Guest 77

  • LukeN

    somes you just wish they would loose that fight in moscow

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    they condemn you to be happy, even when you've lost your job caused by bad education, reasoned by WTS-teachings not to attend high school. This was made urgent in case of bad teachings there.

    They condemn you to be happy, even when you recognize their UN-quickie, lasting 10 years while speaking worse about this organsiation and about churches that made it as ngo.

    They condemn you to be happy, when your consciences is injured because of your recognition that the NWT is a translation that support their teachings and not the truth.

    They condemn you to be happy, when you remember that over a long period those who abused children by sex were protected by the ivory tower and parents who consulted the prosecutor by naming the evildoer were often disfellowshipped.

    They condemn you to be happy, when you remember that they always played with dates of Armaggedon and saying afterwards that it was YOU who misunderstood the date ( eg 1925, 1975)

    They condemn you to be happy, when you denied blood transfusion by using your own stored blood while the latest "NEW LIGHT" is that you must give room for someones conscience if his blood is saved by a cell saver, stored externally and cleaned - maybe by radiation - and then given back go the person.

    They condemn you to be happy, even if they burn someone like on a heap of wood during the time of inquisition whose conscience does not permit to believe in certain trivial teachings as they dont accept personal doubts in uncertain teachings.

    They know indeed nothing from the beginning. But what they know is more than 150 % of it.

    They make people suffering and sick, they divide families and they deny the grace of god that someone is saved by believing in christ and not into the submediator - a sluggish slave who seems to have lost control of the faith of many of the household of the lord.only by the 15 minutes regulation they were enabled to demonstrate that they have increasing.

    Yet they are declining what expresses the wisdom of Gamaliel: When there is not the spirit of god behind the work it will be disappearing.

    Watchtower: do you hear the mene tekel?

    or is the increasing numbers of parttakers of the symbols not a warning enough that there is something??

    WTS will not give any answer. But they must confess that there is an increasing number of persons that reject WTS's not appropiate food at the unproper time but believe that the Lord will beat the slave, who punishes his brethren, into peaces. This slave is not any church but surely the one who thinks "the lord is still out " and then he acts unfortunately hard with those who were redeemed by christ.

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