Do Children and Aeroplanes mix ??

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  • Legolas
    Dog carriers....they fit right under the seat....keeps the little ones in one place.

    Sorry.......LMAO....I don't have any better advise then that!!!

  • Confession

    All right, I definitely have something to add. I fly out on business 46 weekends a year--and have come to a conclusion about young children and planes. Puzzles? Great. Portable DVD Player? Super. BUT... You simply must have some NyQuil at the ready in case things develop into a spine-tingling, heart-pounding cry-fest. I know this probably sounds wrong: medicating them to sleep, but having raised a girl myself (now 18) I can tell you... Once in a great while, under these circumstances, it's okay. I've seen too many parents with red faces and bug eyes start to pull their hair out over their kids' screaming on a plane--and driving everyone else on board out of their skulls. A dose of children's NyQuil will be a lot better for them than the stroke they almost give themselves (and you and everyone on the plane.)

  • Englishman

    Good grief. I read the first few lines and thought to myself how nice it was to see our Simon all pleasant and amiable, then I noticed the date of the post!


  • stevenyc


    Make sure you book 'bulk head' seats for you flight IN ADVANCE. REMIND them that you have a baby and a young child. With most carriers they are fitted with drop down shelves specificly for baby beds.


  • 144001


    I purchased a special seat belt for infants that allows you to tether them to an airline seat belt. Kids who are not buckled up can become projectiles when extreme turbulence occurs. The one I bought was long enough where you could allow the kid to sleep in an adjacent seat without discomfort. It gave lots of peace of mind. Also, it's best if they sleep, so if they're too amped with energy, try some children's Benadryl if you have that there (allergy medication that has an extreme drowsying effect).


  • G Money
    G Money

    Video games or take the red eye, late night flight and when they wake up, they'll be there! Worked for me.

  • talesin

    LMAO !

    PEEPS!!! This thread is five years old.


  • BrendaCloutier

    It may be 5 years old......

    But I recently picked up a bit of advice on flying with infants toddlers and children.

    The decent can cause painful problem with their ears not decompressing properly. For an infant, sucking on a bottle will help. For toddlers and older children, chewy candy, or even a sugar cube, will help the ears "pop". I've seen some miserable children inflight. Poor things. I just wanna shoot them to put them out of their misery!

  • stillajwexelder

    Bloody Hell. I thought it was only me that resurrected very old threads. Now there is gringojj also

  • stevenyc

    our freind the gringojj!!!!!!!


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