Baptism Protocol

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  • nicolaou
    I'm basically wondering how it would be looked upon if I were to show up at a relatives baptism since I'm a known apostate and haven't been to a meeting in 27 years.

    I'd also like to ask why you want to be there. I'm all for active apostasy, planting seeds of doubt [otherwise known as getting people to think] and bringing down the 'Tower but there's a time and place for everything. Baptisms and the Memorial are best left alone in my opinion.

  • Sargon

    Dusty, If I was able to talk this person out of this step I would. However Discussion on this subject is not allowed

    Nicolaou, i think I agree about not going since my presence and others would most definately be frowned upon. There are walls going up and this would definately complicate things.

    Why would I think about going?

    I hadn't thought about WTS for 25 years. Two years ago I was shocked when I was informed by a close relative that he was 'studying the truth'. I was speechless (for one of the only times in my life). That's when I found this board, I was determined that if the subject came up again I would have something informed to say. Because of this board I am able again to converse intelligently on this subject, unfortunately the subject hasn't come up again.

    I am not as close to the half of my family who are witnesses, as i am to the half that are not. There are subjects I can't broach with them like I can my 'worldly' family members. They are almost a separate clique unto themselves within the family unit. I feel like I am on the 'outside looking in', with the witness half of my family. Alot of this is my own doing, but not all of it.

    Why would I go? To say goodbye to a relationship that will never be the same again... I guess that's why I shouldn't go.

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