Reasons for Moving to Wallkill ?

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  • robhic

    I read a while back about selling the Brooklyn facility and moving the printing operations to Wallkill (???). I know it's all about money for the WTS, but what reasons did they give for actually going through this involved, expensive process when, bottom line, the end is soon and everything is gonna be killed and destroyed? Why not just "wait on jehovah?"

    I searched this site but found nothing giving a reason for the move just that it is taking place. Any ideas or comments? Publications?



  • garybuss

    Robert, It's a secular book printing and real estate development company. What's to understand?

  • freedom96

    The fact is that those who actually run the organization, do not neccessarily believe the end is going to happen "right around the corner."

    So they will continue to act in accordance with them being around for the long run.

  • Euphemism

    In regards to public justification, they just followed the usual line: "the work is expanding, blah blah blah"

  • BluesBrother

    Reminds me of how in 1973, which was just 2 years before we all expected the end, I went on the Society's charter trip to New York Assembly. Had a great time.

    They took us to the Kingdom Farm , which I believe was Walkill. The building was still going on. Althuogh functioning it was still being landscaped. Funny how at the time it did not seem a contradiction . We thought a) that the work had to go on and they were just being careful to cover any eventuality or b) The Society's buildings would be carefully preserved through the Gt Tribulation to care for things after the battle. ( I never saw that put into print)

  • dustyb

    just think, when they move to wallkill, they have one HUGE unoccupied building in the middle of brooklyn. now last time i checked real estate in that area, the brooklyn bulding was estimated at like 200 million dollars or so.

    so let me ask you a question, would you move to wallkill for over 200 million dollars?

  • cypher50

    Although Sullivan County (I believe that is the county that the farm lies in....could be Orange though) doesn't love the Society because of its tax-free status, Wallkill offers much more expansion opportunity then Brooklyn and less 'diversions' for the brothers & sisters who slave work there. Also, like another poster mentioned, the Society has realized that the Brooklyn property is prime real estate that can be sold for quite a pretty sum.

  • robhic

    Thanks for the responses but, so far, most have just said that it was to raise even more money for the WTS. I kinda knew that, I was mainly curious about what reason they used to justify such a move to the R&F when, in light of the end being so near or soon, it seems to me (admittedly not a JW) that a huge expensive move like this would require some explanation or justification. Am I wrong? Do the masses really not care?

    I'm trying to understand the blind allegiance that must be involved but I can't seem to grasp something this big being done without a slight explanation other than needing more space. So what? It'll all be over "soon" won't it?


  • garybuss

    Robert, there are two rules for ANYTHING the Watch Tower Corporation (Society) does.

    Rule #1. Anything the Society does is right.

    Rule #2. If the Society ever does anything that does not seem right, see rule #1.

  • dustyb

    well few things.

    #1 they aren't losing money by moving....even if they lose 50 million in the move (extremly high of a price to move) they are still making ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS.

    #2 they'll justify the move by lying to everyone and saying that Jehovah's organization is growing, and the Wallkill building is bigger, so they have to move everything over there. deception at its best to make some FAT cash....

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