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  •  Debra

    My name is Debra I have been out of this cult for a number of years now but I know how difficult it is for people to have the courage to leave especially if they have family still trapped inside I'd like to help people who may be struggling by offering them a listening ear and some support /friendship via email

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Hi Debra---welcome to the site.

  • Atlantis


    Welcome to the board Debra! We are glad you are here and appreciate your offer of a listening ear to help support others.

    I am one of the old-timers here and was in the organization for over 50 years. (Even though my back sometimes feels like I am 300 years old), I am in my 70's and there are others here who are even older.

    There are several on the board who you can discuss Watchtower related topics, or just sit and have a cup of coffee and discuss recipes.

    Post a few times and let the folks get to know you and before you know it, you will have all kinds of friends to talk to.

    Now that I have mentioned "recipes" I am starving for a Bacon-Lettuce- and Tomato sandwich. Want one Debra? There's plenty for everybody.

    Ok, I'll shut up now and send you our best.

    Atlantis! (grandpa)

  • Simon

    Just a heads up - while it's always great whenever anyone wants to help others everyone needs to be aware that not everyone offering help might really want to help them.

    There is a risk in giving your email address and also confiding personal information to someone you don't really know. Some people are looking for victims, some are looking for someone to listen to their own preaching, and of course some are genuine ... but how do you know who is who?

    A safer option for most people is to start with getting anonymous support publicly OR to pay for professional help locally. Everyone else is free to provide the former.

    If someone is offering support then you should a) know who they really are and b) be able to see their public contact information.

  • Rocketman123

    Welcome Debra

  • smiddy3

    Welcome Debra lets get to know you a little better, and you us . I know as a JW we went in cold turkey trying to "befriend" the householders we met at the doors in FS and we had an agenda not to be their friends but to convert them .

    This really is a good forum debra I hope you stick around.

  • Diogenesister

    Hello Debra, nice to meet you. It can be really lonely if you're trapped and more so if you have recently exited especially now, during lockdown. I think even though social media is better than nothing, it's no replacement for real human contact. Whether that's letters, phone calls, face to face or even personal emails.

    It's very kind of you to offer. Out of interest there is someone on here that runs a support group and they like to have contacts so they know where to send folks local to you when they need help (in your time zone etc). I haven't seen her posting for a while, but you can reach Sherri via JWsurvey.com so it's definitely worth you registering your interest with her. She will want your contact details, however.

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