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  • Windchaser1

    Thank you, April. I got your package today. :D

    I would have e-mailed you this, but I lost all my addresses when I deleted my yahoo account. I will write you a letter this weekend with my new e-mail addy.

    My sister improved after she had her leg amputated. She is just beginning to learn how to use a prothesis and will be going home at the end of the month. So, it's good news. Thank you for being concerned. And, thank you for staying my friend. I have so much to tell you!



  • Been there
    Been there


    You have a PM.

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Happy Birthday Been There!

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    ...and welcome Dottie! Vodka?

  • Been there
    Been there

    Thanks Russian,

    I'm really 29! Don't pay any mind to what it says on the side. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Anybody who has had experiences in the JW's deserves to have a few years knocked off.

  • Tatiana

    Dottie...I just saw this post today. Better late than never, huh? Glad your package arrived in one piece. So happy your sister is doing better.

    Will wait for your letter....


    April (thanks, JimTX)

  • SheilaM


    HEY GIRLIE (Waves Madly) I learned how to do the prettiest dishclothes. I still have not used yours

  • Jim_TX

    Hey Sheila!!

    I also still have my dishcloth that Dottie made for me. I was so proud of it, I showed it to my aunt this past weekend - who also crochets.

    My aunt really gets into the crocheting - and has given me an afghan cover that I use. It's pretty, and I love it - but I still love my dishcloth/potholder, and will treasure it always.



    P.S. Apologies to Dottie for changing the thread topic. ********** H U G S **********

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey windchaser..

    Glad to hear that your sister is responding with all this medical treatment.

    I'm sure this has been a difficult time for you.


    Special K

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