questions about interfaith and interrace dating according to JWs

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  • BluesBrother

    On the subject of mixed race marriage, The Society's doubts and caution has not stopped several dubs of my acquaintance marrying from other ethnic groups. I mean black/white, English /Oriental , and Greek/Turkish .

    I guess true love conquers all provided the Society dont ban it. But mixed religion marriage ? That is totally out of the queestion unless you are prepared to be frozen out of things - although they still can't disfellowship you for it

  • lazuli

    u can't be df? but u lose privileges don't you?

  • Sentinel

    This is an interesting subject. Back in '59 when I was baptized, and only thirteen, I took notice of the relationships between men and women. I was especially curious about interratial relationships, but never dated anyone outside of my own race. Even back then, it was accepted in our congregation, which for the area and times, was quite something.

    At the time I was becoming a young adult, the schools became desegregated, and I was able to see my JW friend, Mary during school. She felt so out of place being only one of just a handful of black students having to suddenly be thrust in with all these white students. This along with the constant problems of also being a JW was quite difficult for her.

    I knew of one very good looking black woman in our congregation, who had lost her husband, and there was a white JW man who took a shine to her. These were people in their late to early thirties. The father of the woman was said to have confronted the gentleman to see exactly what his intentions were towards his daughter. They eventually did marry. There were also at that time a couple young white girls who married black guys who were not JW's. That was about the only time that anyone ever had anything to say about it.

    JW's did not approve of interfaith dating for sure. They looked down upon the young people who could not abide by the strict rules and regulations for behavior. Everything was so controlled. We were taught that young men outside of the organization were only after one thing, and that if we lost our virginity to one of them, it would seriously harm how a good brother would look upon us, and they would find it difficult to marry once we had gone and done such a terrible thing.


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