Boyfriend for a month

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  • funkyderek
  • flower

    bummer...looks like they pulled the item before I could see it. sounded interesting anyway

  • shotgun

    E bay is blocked by my employer

  • Matty

    Copy the text of the link and then paste it in the address bar of your browser. Providing you don't have ebay blocked, like shotgun does, you should be able to see the auction - it hasn't been withdrawn!

  • Matty

    The reason the link doesn't work is that if an ampersand is in a link, the rich text formatting software here (that only works in Internet Explorer for Windows OS) changes it to &, which stops the link working. There's nothing you can do about it!

    Hurry up girls, he's only going for 15 pence so far! What a bargain!

  • Vivamus

    Awwwww, thats cute

    Or utterly weird....

    Can't make up my mind about it ....


    Blue Bubblegum Girl

  • flower

    Ewww what a wierdo. (keeping an eye on it to see how much he makes though..hell I could be a gf for a month for the right price. )

  • nilfun
    hell I could be a gf for a month for the right price

    Somebody beat you to it.

  • Elsewhere
    Seller's item photo
    Go to larger picture altGo to larger picture
    Winning bid: £0.15
    Ended: 07-Feb-04 00:12:26 GMT
    History: 2 bids (£0.10 starting bid)
    Winning bidder: railwaygun alt( 37Feedback score is 10 to 49)
    Location: Chertsey/Staines/Sunbury
    United Kingdom
    Postage and payment detailsaltPostage and payment details

    Oh how sad! He was "won" for only £0.15. I sure hope she isn't expecting him to pay for all the dates!

  • flower

    Aww the poor girl didnt get a single bid. If she wasnt depressed already that she cant get a real boyfriend I'm sure shes feelin pretty bad now that she cant even get a fake one lol.

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