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    WT November 1879

    Babylon the Great = the Papacy (2004?all non-JW religions)

    Thus shall Babylon sink and shall not rise." Jer. 51:64. "Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down." Rev. 18:21.

    Now let us inquire what is represented by the symbol. As originally planted by Jesus and his apostles the church was a "chaste virgin espoused to one husband, even Christ." For some time she maintained her purity and suffered persecution of the world, but gradually became enamored of the world and the prospects it offered, and finally united with it, constituting the system of Papacy. This system church, living in union with the world constitutes "the abomination"--"the harlot," and the name Babylon , meaning confusion is applicable because the world is called a beast and the church a woman.

    Mark me--I do not say that all the members of the Catholic church became abominations to the Lord, but that the Papacy as a SYSTEM--church-state organization is here pictured.

    Protestant Churches

    These are off-shoots from the Papacy. She was a harlot and the mother of harlots and we mean no disrespect to fellow christians when we term their church systems the daughters, and therefore parts of the system of confusion--Babylon.

    The church, anxious for numbers and money, has offered every inducement to get members, particularly those of wealth. Socials are arranged at which the wives and daughters are expected (even though followers of Jesus) to so dress and act as to decoy and captivate worldly and carnally minded men.

    But our text says: "Babylon is fallen." What is the fall and when will it occur? The fall we believe, will be from her exalted position of control and respect with the world, to one of ignominy and contempt.

    The fall we expect will not be instantaneous; it will have a beginning and will gather momentum as it falls until it is dashed to pieces.

    You will recollect that their age from the death of Jacob (Israel) to Christ's baptism--the beginning of their harvest --was 1841-1/2 years, and that the parallels show that the harvest of this age and Christ's presence (a spiritual body) was due to commence in the fall of 1874 , or 1841-1/2 years, from the spring of A.D. 33 [page 2] when Jesus (our Israel) died.

    Christ?s presence now taught by WTS as 1914 not 1874

    As at the end of his three-and-one-half year's ministry, Jesus wept over that church, gave them up and said: "Your house is left unto you desolate," so we believe that at the parallel point of time--

    the spring of 1878, the nominal gospel church was given up and their house left desolate.

    But since the spring of 1878 we believe that the nominal church is cast off

    and now only the wheat--"the little flock"--is to be considered the church and we believe this to be the date of the beginning of the fall of Babylon church , the parallel to the date of the fall of the church of the Scribes and Pharisees--hypocrites, who encompassed sea and land to make one proselyte." Their fall was gradual, so is Babylon's.

    WTS teaches that this casting off took place in 1919.

    George Stetson (never a Bible Student or a JW)

    Bro. G. W. Stetson.

    Death has laid our brother low. He died at his home, Edinboro, Pa., Oct. 9th, 1879. Though an event not entirely unexpected, since he has been seriously ill for some time, yet his death is a heavy blow to his many friends abroad as well as at home. He was beloved and esteemed by his fellow townsmen of all denominations as well as by the congregation of which he was pastor. He had been a faithful under-shepherd, ever holding before his hearers, as the great incentive to holiness and purity of life, that which filled his own soul with joy and peace and helped him to live "above the world" --viz: The appearing of the Heavenly Bridegroom--The King of Glory, and our gathering together unto him. Our brother was a man of marked ability, and surrendered bright prospects of worldly and political honors to be permitted to preach Christ, when the glories and beauties of the word of God dawned upon his heart. The truth cost him much yet he bought it gladly.

    The funeral services (Sunday following) were held at "Normal Hall," it being more commodious than any of the churches of the place, which through respect were closed, the pastors taking part in the services of the occasion.

    The brother's dying request, that the editor of this paper should preach his funeral sermon, was complied with.

    About twelve hundred persons attended the funeral services, thus giving evidence of the high esteem in which our brother was held.

    If Brother Russell were alive to day and preach a funeral sermon for a man of another faith, he would probably be disfellowshipped.

    His family and congregation will feel keenly their loss, yet sorrow not as those who have no hope.

    True Light

    TRUE LIGHT is in harmony with all previous light, or truth.

    We should scrutinize closely everything presented as light which shines only as it is able to extinguish previous light.

    Michael Is Not The Son of God

    Hence it is said, "Let all the angels of God worship him;" [that must include Michael, the chief angel, hence Michael is not the Son of God]

    The Wedding Garment

    Some believe that the wedding garment is a "clean theology," and others that it is a "holy character." Now we confess that the latter view strikes us as more in harmony with the spirit of the gospel and the teachings of the apostles.

    If any should inquire of us what was the leading and controlling "mark" or quality of the beast, we would write in large letters: DOGMATISM AND INTOLERANCE.

    It is no proof that a doctrine is false because the Catholics believed it. Neither is it proof that a doctrine is true because a reformer, one whom God has used and led, promulgates it.
    Let us beware what we receive from any one; and "prove all things" by the word of the Lord.

    Character development was eliminated by Joseph Rutherford. Any JW following this today would be DF?d

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