Outkast Speakerboxx: The Love Below Disc 2

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  • Valis

    Such a good album...anyone else here have it?

    The Love Below...nice instrumental action...

    Love Hater...jazzy meets Jimmi Hendrix meets Outkast

    God...supplication for a sweet beyatch, one not too fast or too slow, not even one w/a big booty...just one proportionate to the rest of her..that's all I ask

    Happy Valentines Day...every day's the 14th!...when arrows don't penetrate cupid grabs the pistol...there's all this talk of Santa Claus, but love rules supreme..

    Spread...um yes please and thank you...I don't want to move too fast, but can't resist yo sexy a$$, jazzy

    Where Are My Panties?...starts off w/morning after monologues...wondering what the other was thinking about their fling..

    Prototype...I hope you're the one, but if not, you''re the prototype

    Hey Ya!...great radio song... don't wanna meet yo daddy, I just want you in my caddy... don't wanna meet yo mama, I just wanna make you ...oh oh

    Roses ....Caroline...you need a golden calculator to divide the time it takes to look inside and realize that real guys go for real down to Mars girls...I know'd like think yo sh*it don't stank, but lean a little closer see roses really smell like boo boo..

    She Lives In My Lap...I swear it could almost pass off for the Smashing Pumpkins it sounds ...

    My Favorite Things...cool jazzy instrumental of the song from The Sound of Music

    Take Off Your Cool another good one w/some guitar and female vocals..

    A Life in the Day of Benjamin André (Incomplete)...cool kind of beat poet rap..naughty naughty..

    Behold A Lady anthem to a lady standing by the wall, clap clap you deserve it all...

    Vibrate ...cool ambient sounding song...also very jazzy

    Pink & Blue ..pretty pink, baby blue, why don't you teach me something new? We're all just babies in my view so just crawl baby...kick ass song...call me when that big ole house gets lonlified

    Love in War ...let's kiss not fight..try to do what's right tonight..make love not war...what the hell are we living for? cliche' the end is near...

    She's Alive...cool jazzy tune

    Good Day, Good Sir...funny word play dialogue

    Dracula's Wedding...*LOL* hillarious song...I never ran from no one, but I'm terrified of you...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • IronGland

    Good Album

  • Valis

    Yo IG...we should have suits like that, we would be pimping to our true capacity...fo shizzle my nizzle!...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • joannadandy

    This is a fun album...I LOVE IT...very nice blend of all different kinds of music. Outkast has always impressed me with their skills

  • think41self


    I requested it for Xmas JUST so I could have the "Hey Ya" song. It just makes me want to get up and dance!


  • amac

    Definitely one of the best albums of the year! What about Disc 1? A little closer to the normal Outkast output...

    Ghetto Musick - The usual Outkast funk laced over a bombardment of drums and bass.

    Unhappy - A happy go lucky RnB sound

    Bowtie - Great horn intro with a touch of 70's East LA Soul.

    The Way You Move - What can I say? But I know you all wanted that 808...

    The Rooster - One of my favorites...the great horn track gives it a New Orleans Funk feel.

    Bust - a Haunting but more traditional hip hop track

    War - I'm running out of stuff to say now, but this one is a definite head nodder with an interesting beat change right in the middle

    Church - Less anthem like, more sing songy with a great soulful chorus

    Tomb of the Boom - Probably my least favorite track, but if you like Ludacris you might dig it

    Knowing - I swear someone tapped Curtis Mayfield's spirit for this track!

    Flip Flop Rock - Another one I think they could have left off, but I'm not big on name dropping cameo's. A definite Parliament sound and if you like Jay-Z, you get to hear him too.

    Reset - A soulful jazzy tune with some great keys layed over a run of the mill hip hop beat.

    Last Call - a definite traditional ATL sound, good wrap up song

  • Valis

    amac...I don't have disc 1. My friend gave me disc 2. I might have to pick that one up actually..


    District Overbeer

  • Badger

    Easily the best CD I've bought in the last year. My son can sing "Hey Ya"

  • doodle-v


    What's funny is I bought the album when it first came out and I didnt really listen to it until a few days ago. Now I listen to it all the time to and from work. This album kicks ass! I love the jazzy rendition of "my favorite things"

    Valis, you pick up disc one yet?


  • Valis

    doodle..."I saw you standing on the wahall...clap clap you deserve it allhall...be hld a layday...


    District Overbeer

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