Do you ever mention to anyone you were a JW ??? or keep it secret ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Workmates, friends, school friends etc,

    Do you ever mention it, or if someone asks you your religion, do you ever mention it, or keep it in your past ???

  • Gopher

    Funny thing -- the topic of "what religion you are" never seems to come up much among people I know these days.

    Back when I was growing up as a JW, and also as a young adult, I kept silent about my religion unless someone specifically asked. I sensed people just didn't want to have religious views pushed on them. Also I felt strange, weird and different and was not proud to be a JW, even though the organization tried to make you feel like you should be proud to represent Jehovah to humanity.

  • Phil

    If there is any activity that you are presently doing, including being a JW, that you are ashamed of, you should reevaluate that activity. If you feel you must hide it, get out of it or stop doing it. Aside from personal aspects of my life, which are nobody's business but my own, I will not hide from anything. It makes life a lot simpler.

  • Atilla

    Actually, when I was a witness, I tried to keep it a secret because then I felt I had to be someone I really wasn't. Although, now I don't mention it much because it's kind of embarassing, buy hey, as young child, I didn't know any better. At least I can say that for most of my adult life I haven't been a witness and that feels reassuring. However, sometimes if I do mention that I used to be a witness to either my friends or new people, they kinda feel sorry for me and show greater understanding. They are like, oh, that explains things. Plus, by telling others my sad story, those people I meet will be far less likely to give witnesses that knock on their door the time of the day or maybe they will even provide a counter witness. I'm kinda like a consumer who bought a product and relized how crapy and defective it was. The manufactorer won't let me return my product, so thus, I'm going to bad-mouth it whenever possible when that subject comes up. Pretty soon, people won't being buying that product anymore, i.e. watchtower lies.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I tell select individuals if I think they need to know or could benefit from knowing. Everyone is always relieved to find out I left. When I run into JWs, I don't tell them I was a JW.


  • yxl1

    When I was a JW, I would keep it a secret. Now, I let people know that I used to be one. I let them know the horrors of JW-ism incase they are ever tempted. Two people I've worked with have shown an interest in the Dubs, until I had a chat with them. I feel it is my duty to let friends, family, workmates know the evils of the WTS.

  • cypher50

    When growing up, I didn't tell people I was a JW but I lived in a small community so it was pretty easy to discern with me going to meetings & service all the time. Now, when people get into a religious conversation with me, I do mention it because it gives them a background on my views...I consider it a life experience and although it is painful I still consider it something that is rightfully mine to tell others. Besides, telling other people about it will prevent them from getting wrapped up in it...

  • blondie

    I have been avoiding saying anything for 15 years, and successfully.

    Why do JWs have to mention it? Mostly on issues of birthdays and holidays at work. I just avoided the issue, passing along the card without signing, saying I had my own plans. Not everyone participates in the holiday potlucks and gift exchanges. One lady just assumed I was Jewish. People don't care about your religion or their own. I was asked to go to a christening once and honestly said I would be out of town. I got a little present for her and considered it the same as a baby shower gift. I have gone to wakes and visitations for co-workers and their family members as well as donating for a memorial and a card.

    In my area, it is not PC to ask such questions, any more than it is to ask about sexual orientation or marital status (married to live-in partner). I have observed other JWs (who didn't know I was one) make tactical errors at work, letting literature lie out on their desk. One co-worker was offended and asked my opinion of the WT lit on the desk. I gave her the ammunition to get it off the desk by saying, "What if it were a Bible or a cross on her cubicle wall?" My co-worker saw the reasoning, approached the supervisor and the WT lliterature disappeared off the desk and into the drawer.


  • pc

    I am happy to say it now!! I tell everyone I grew up in a CULT! When they look at me confused, I explain I was a Jehovah Witness and then tell them how brainwashed everyone is. I feel it's my duty to get the word out. PC

  • stillajwexelder

    I tended even when active to keep it a secret -- I certainly will not tell people when I eventually totally leave

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