Do We Take Ourselves Too Seriously At Times?

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  • minimus

    JWD is a forum for JWs and exes to get together and discuss things. Most of the things we talk about are JW related but not all things are. We all have opinions. We, as JWs, could NEVER express an opinion unless it was sanctioned by the powers that be. Any idea or thought was to have gone through a channel to decide for us what was acceptable or not. If the elders or clique didn't like our thinking, we quickly knew about it. We always had to tow the line-----or else we were out. The organization always knew better than we did. We were there to listen, learn and stay quiet unless otherwise addressed. After getting out of the organization, we started to learn that we, in fact, could express ourselves. Some of us started out slowly. And some of us took the opportunity to express ourselves right away. We ALL have feelings. We all want to be heard. Sometimes, we might think that only our thoughts and opinions are what counts. Sometimes, we might get upset that others might not share our own valued ideas. I wonder, do we take ourselves way too seriously on this board? The truth is, we can all learn from one another but no one has the right to make another feel that they are unworthy to express themselves here or if they do so properly, that they will be discarded. Nobody here is sooo special. We are all from the same background. Nobody is better than another. When we start believing that we are superior, it usually ends up in discord and unhappiness.

  • Funchback

    Hey, mini...

    I would take you more seriously if your avatar would move like it used to. :o)

  • minimus

    so you're saying we don't take ourselves too seriously?

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Were about 80% water and the rest is air, and we take ourselves seriously?

    Guest 77

  • cruzanheart

    I think we take some subjects too seriously, but that's human nature. Actually, this board has really helped me to come out of my polite, peacekeeper persona and take a stand, have an opinion, and voice that opinion. I appreciate that. I still avoid some threads because I know that whatever I say will be inflammatory and I don't think that's the purpose of this board. If I ever want to argue about nothing, I think I know where to go . . . but that ain't my style.


  • Amazing

    I believe that most of us do not take ourselves too seriously. We do take our experiences as JWs very seriously because its impact on our lives was, and in some cases still is, very serious. The Watchtower continues to promote policies and beliefs that are untruthful and harmful to its members.

    I think of any group, most e-JWs have learned humor, to laugh at ourselves, and demonstrated excellent mental skills to cope with what we endured, while we progress back to normalcy ... that takes a balance which seems to not allow for taking ourselves too seriosuly.

  • minimus

    My opinion......We take ourselves too seriously. Not all of the time, but a lot of the time.

  • undercover
    The organization always knew better than we did. We were there to listen, learn and stay quiet unless otherwise addressed. After getting out of the organization, we started to learn that we, in fact, could express ourselves.

    Because the org conditioned us to not express ourselves, now that we can, we don't always know how to do it correctly and we end up doing it badly. It may seem that some are taking things too seriously, but considering what we have all come out of, we have to realize that it's harder for some to have the same level of humor or be flippant about things. Some have been seriously damaged or abused. They have some bad situations to deal with. Others, while maybe angry or hurt, find a way to be humorous or laugh at things. It helps them to deal with it.

  • Sunnygal41

    Min, I think sometimes it just depends on our mood of the moment, hour, day............realistically, there are days when anything you say to me will either piss me off, or make me burst into tears. But, I will say this board has taught ME, personally, as Nina so eloquently put it, to step out of being a peacekeeper/pacifier. I am a firm believer that everything in my life that happens, even the negative stuff, is there to teach me and help me grow as a person. This board has done that. I LOVE this board and am getting really attached to all the wonderful personalities and their senses of humor, etc.

    Hugs and Love to All of You!


  • stillajwexelder

    I used to be way too serious -- I have tried to lighten up a little

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