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  • baggy

    My friend's son and daughter-in-law are Jehova's Witnesses. I know they do not celebrate birthdays, but is it OK to give them gifts during the year that are not for a specific occasion? Also, I bought a little ceramic figurine of an angel that was personalized with their infant daughter's name on it. I don't want to give this to them if it will offend them.

    I am Jewish and not familiar with many aspects of your religion. Please let me know what is acceptable. Thanks.

  • dustyb

    give it all to them..

  • Eyebrow2

    sure, a gift for no reason is well as a new baby gift (they don't seem to think that conflicts with the no birthday rule for some reason) wedding gifts are fine, as well as graduation and anniversary gifts.

    The angel...well, when I was a witness I think I would have accepted it, and they may. Some witnesses are a little more strict than others.

    Mothers and Fathers day, Valentine day and xmas gifts are all out of well as easter gifts and candy...I personal do not understand why people gift easter gifts....candy sure, but not gifts

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