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    "The Shaman who has been elected by the spirits shows recognizable symptomology: he often becomes extremely nervous and withdrawn, and begins to act strangely. He may also experience epileptoid seizures - regarded by primitive peoples almost all over the world as the sign of a supernatural manifestation. The Siberian term for the psychological condition is amurakh: nervous, solitary, easily frightened, and with a proclivity for imitation and obscenitities" .....

    Hmmm.... I wonder whose pulling those strings then

    Hmmmmm, makes me think about the account where Saul began "behaving like a prophet" by hurling his spear at David, and trying to pin him to the wall..................the whole Biblical phrase "behaving like a prophet" causes me to pause and far away from these supposedly "detestable" practices of the pagan groups "God's" people were? A new, wholesome, worship of this Hebrew God?????????????? Methinks not..............

  • El blanko
    El blanko
    how some "Christians" interpret woman's role in the congregation

    Indeed. I am having a problem with a "Christian" at the moment and the way he is treating his wife. Very sad and oppressive. When used correctly and within the right context, the headship rule can lead to a beautiful and Godly relationship IMO. But it is abused by many dim-witted and hard-hearted Christians.

    The book I quoted from earlier btw is: "The Shaman's Doorway / Stephen Larsen" - actually quite a good book, but obviously I do not suggest following through on the lifestyle. A good contemporary reference nevertheless.

    Another book if you can find it and you will have to ignore the cover is called The Dark Gods / Anthony Roberts (foreword by Colin Wilson) ... it is a little rare now, but has some superb information in there about common themes within the spirit world through the ages. It focuses primarily on Ufology, but then moves into other key areas and ties the ancient with the modern manifestation together very well indeed. Highly recommended.

  • Kenneson

    Oh, I thought this thread was about Shamus. I read that wrong.

  • onintwo

    Read a book about two years ago titled "The Shaman's Apprentice". At least that's the title I remember. (I'd check it out, but my wife's asleep in the bedroom and I don't want to turn on the light in there.) I'm part of a book group that reads a fair number of books every year.

    Can't say it was one that I would have picked up off the shelf, but that's the great thing about book groups. You end up reading stuff that maybe you thought wouldn't interest you.


  • Abaddon

    sunny: Ah... but I is it really fair to disturb the delicate sensibilities of vanilla people? Hell, people here get bent out of shape over breast feeding... oh, love the thing about 'acting like a prophet'. I believe it's what we call 'being a nutter' nowadays!

  • Sirona

    El Blanko,

    You were the one who referred to spirit guides in such a derogatory way. That did wind me up, I admit, and that is why I said you didn't know what you were talking about.

    Perhaps you do, and we all have our different paths to follow. I just think that it isn't respectful to speak about someone's beliefs in such a way.


  • El blanko
    El blanko
    Perhaps you do, and we all have our different paths to follow. I just think that it isn't respectful to speak about someone's beliefs in such a way.

    True - I should have used more tact in my initial post. The spirits do not respect the vessel they use and therefore I have little respect for the spirits. I have no power over these spirits, only a shield through Christ.

    Take care with your dabblings people !

  • GentlyFeral

    el blanko, I know this was aimed at Sirona, but I’d like to take a crack at it. I know I won’t convince you, but I’m playing to the audience here.

    Personally I stay clear now due to awful choatic energies that were unleashed into my life. I became quite ill and can link my illness to that exposure. IMO there is "no difference" between spirit manifestation that now operate through "different" channels towards the earth, they are simply trying to ground themselves and use our dense matter, whilst taking vital energy. Without a doubt there is deception there. They pretend to operate through clean channels, but in reality push the mind towards a belief system that oposes the true God (the greatest spirit).

    I’m sorry you had bad experiences with intangible people, and I’m glad you were able to kick them to the curb. But, looking back over my own experiences, I would say I found the Bible god to be anything but a “clean channel”. He gradually stole the “vital energy” of my conscience and took command of the “dense matter” of my life and home, to no good purpose; and so slowly that I did not understand what was happening.

    The most valuable lesson I learned from my Christian fiasco was never to hand over my self-respect or my conscience to “god’s will” or “the greater good”.

    My so-called demons have defended my freedom and rejoiced in the uniqueness of my soul – and they respect my conscience. I don’t know if they could force me to act against my conscience. Once I realized that Jehovah was doing exactly that, I fired him. My so-called demons know that I will do the same to them if they don’t play fair. (How can you oppress someone who disappears from your life?)

    Most of the pagan customs are steeped in material idolatry for a start. Think about it, your mother gives you a teddy bear as a present, you focus all of your will upon the teddy bear and totally ignore the mother. How does this make your mother feel?

    My idols are not “gods”; they are where I meet gods. You’ve given the wrong analogy here. Try this one: your mother buys you a cell phone and gives you her phone number. But you’re afraid of phones and have the idea that speaking her any way but face-to-face is disrespectful, so you never call your mother. How does she feel?

    Clear moral codes are pushed to one side and idividuality is brought to the fore.

    Individual moral codes can be clear as crystal and vivid as klieg lights.

    The magician transcends reality using either emptying rituals, to disconnect the emotional centre away from logic

    I’m just speculating here, and I’d appreciate y'all's comments on this:

    I think phrases like “emptying your mind” is one of the things that brings trouble in the working of magic. People get into trouble when they take it too literally. “Emptying the mind” is a misnomer. Instead, just brush aside the distractions of everyday thought, a little at a time, until you can hear what’s underneath, at the root of your mind where it connects to the Divine.

    The weaker initiates achieve this by using a potent mixture of drugs or alcohol.

    Speaking from experience again: I find alcohol absolutely useless for spiritual work, in the way that a microphone is useless for matching color samples. Since I began using the “hospitable plant” I have given up drinking (though I was never a serious drinker in the first place).

    Pick up a few books by Colin Wilson maybe and take the overview and decide for yourself.

    You do realize that “The Mind Parasites” is a work of fiction?

    At one point the protaganist attempts to alter his consciousness by staying up late, drinking black coffee and smoking cigars. This is a mind expansion gambit so archaic as to become almost post-modern. (

    Archaic, and ineffective.

    But I will look into Colin Wilson. Sounds like an interesting thinker, but I’m going to take him with a fistful of salt.

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