Who is running the Watchtower Society?

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    Don't want to hijack the thread, but wouldn't it be something if there was a hostile takeover of the Corporation? (Nod to Cruzanheart)

    Guess it can't really happen because the WTS isn't a publicly held Corporation. But, what if some Donald Trump did? Take it in a whole new direction. Maybe start publishing New Age materials? Get those big ol' presses really humming churning out something a little different.


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    Depends on who you ask.

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    franklin J

    "funny" little men

  • JCanon
    The WT is like a train going over the mountains. It reached its peak in the 80s and now it is going down hill. But the engineer is too old to care so he has drifted off to sleep. Now it is being carried along on momentum from the hay-day of the 80s.

    Interesting perspective. This is certainly true spritiually; they are now in darkness and a desolate waste. But according to Revelation both Christendom (666 Beast) and the Lamb-Dragon Beast, later called the "false prophet"-you guessed it--the WTS will both be thrown into the lake of fire "while still alive", so their demise will come but it will be sudden. My money is on international outlaw of religion since both go together. A takeover suggests it continues in a modified form. Too bad for organized religion, but they have it coming, right?


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Room 215 -

    I found your comment about would-be reformers, like Dan Sydlik, very interesting.

    Is there any more you could explain about them, and especially what makes you include Sydlik?

    He was very outspoken even while I was (briefly) at Bethel in 1979, openly making comments even in my presence, say, in the dining rooms.


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