Governing Body prefers property over prayers, songs and use of bible (Mexico)

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  • krismalone

    For many years the Government of Mexico did not allow religious organizations to own property. Any property used by a religious organization was confiscated by the government. This law changed in the mid 1990's. The 95 Yearbook briefly mentions this.

    Because of this law, the Governing Body had instructed the branch in Mexico that they be registered as a "cultural society" and NOT A RELIGION. The congregations were called companies. Singing, praying at meetings and using the bible at the door to to ministry was NOT ALLOWED BY THE GOVERNING BODY! It was not the Mexican government that banned those activities, it was the Governing Body as they knew that if they sang, prayed and used the bible in the ministry the property would belong to the government as a result of being a religious institution.

    The point I'm making is this:

    01.) The Governing Body has for many years lied to governments and looks for loopholes in order to protect their a$$ets.

    02.) They are willing to sacrifice prayers, singing to God and using the bible in order to protect their assets. How can they have the nerve to tell rank and file members to be courageous and honest when they will sell out their worship of god?

    03.) The Governing body thinks the members are stupid and will not catch on to what their doing. Even to this day, many JW's in Mexico claim it was Satan and his persecution for the reason why they couldn't sing or pray or call themselves a religion. They don't realize that all those activities were indeed allowed but the Governing Body preferred to protect their a$$ets instead of worshipping god and being registered properly as a religion instead of a cultural society.

    Lying to the public, authorities, courts and even their own members has become a common practice for the JW cult leaders.

  • lastmanstanding

    Its true. Before the law changed, we went to Mexico to see for ourselves. In 1993 we were at a ‘not-Kingdom Hall’.

    It was just an ‘association’

  • smiddy3

    I remember this ,they claimed they were a cultural organization and not a religion and as you correctly say if they honestly identified themselves as a religion the Govt. would have confiscated their property ,because only the Catholic Church in Mexico could own their own property and not any other religion.

    And when the govt.did change their policy about other religions being able to own their own property the G.B.of JW`s lyingly said it was because of their activities and pressure on the Govt.that religious freedom was now given because of them.

    ,they claimed they were a cultural organization and not a religion, they lie and justify it by claiming it is theocratic warfare.

    How many other things are they prepared to lie about ,? if they blatantly lie to the Governments ,they sure as hell have no scruples about lying to the rank and file Jehovah`s Witnesses and feel justified in doing so.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The Washtowel Babble & Crap Society operates no differently (in some ways worse!) than any worldly multi-billion dollar corporation - it acts as corruptly as it can when it comes to raking in money!

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    Very good The Fall Guy

    what a wonderfull Name for this spirit-guided organisation !

  • Finkelstein

    Good info Krismalone

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    I don't know what's more corrupt, the governing body or the government of Mexico.

  • neverendingjourney

    The corrupting factor behind this is their arrogant belief that they're authorized to lie if it benefits them.

    I had already been baptized for about a year when I learned of this doctrine. It came up during the Bible reading. We were assigned a few chapters from the book of Judges and the talk that week was about Rahab. The lesson the Watchtower took from it is that those who oppose Jehovah are not entitled to the truth. This is straight out of their literature.

    Once I was out I learned that this idea had its origins during the Rutherford era and that back then it was called theocratic warfare. It's a corrupting influence because it gives them license to essentially lie whenever they think it's in the religion's best interests. After a while, it starts to corrode their core beliefs.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Ray Franz discussed this situation at length in his books, but I think both his books preceded the legal change referred to which happened in the '90's.

  • Atlantis

    Main information is on page 212

    Peeking at you beautiful people!


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