The Mystery Person of Luke 9:49, WTBTS Friend of Foe?

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  • peacefulpete

    I might add that chapt 11 is decidely antiJewish. This also betrays a late date.

  • stillajwexelder

    What an excellent point -- yes the WTBTS tend to avoid using scriptures that obviously refute their stand

  • heathen

    There was also another story of the pharisees trying to expel demons in jesus name but the demonic man over took them and stripped them naked . I think the point was made that jesus did not do things in connection with satan but with God like authority .Jesus did imply that all he expected was for the nation of Israel to exercise faith in him as the messiah .

  • imallgrowedup
    Personally, I think the Apostle Paul was having a prophetic vision of Bush's State of the Nation speech of last year. It's only a pity that the phrase "Axis of Evil" didn't make it down the prophetic pipeline, so to speak. Or maybe that's what the harlot riding on the multi-headed tiger was all about, who knows?

    I'm feeling a little badly right now about popping off about how the verse Valis originally posted sounded like Bush's international address just days after 9/11. I am an avowed Christian, but I will admit to a little "silly streak" now and then - and my comment about the parallels between Jesus' words and this famous speech was one of my "silly" comments. The truth of the matter is that I know Jesus said these words - and that I believe it was Bush taking these words and making them fit for him - rather than a prophet forseeing Bush's speech. Yes, I can see why the WT would have trouble with this scripture, because so much of their doctrine relies upon scriptures taken completely out of context. For what it is worth, I think Noumenon makes an excellent point when putting the orginal scripture Valis quoted together with the scripture Euph quoted into their actual contexts - and it makes perfect sense to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want anyone to confuse my silliness with how I actually believe.

    Whew! I'm so glad I got that off my chest!

    So - carry on!!!



  • Pleasuredome

    this is the same scripture i quoted to an elder before making my exit.

  • mouthy

    But Mark 9:40 says "Who is not with me is against me"In a situation where no neutrality is possible ,people must be on one side or the other,so that those who are not for are against & those who are not against are for,But there is a differance in emphasis between the two ways of expressing this. The former saying comes in a context where Jesus is speaking of the conflict between the kingdom of God & the forces of evil. This a conflict in which no one should be neutral.Since Jesus is the divinely appointed agent for leading the battle against the forces of evil,those who wish to see the triumph of God's cause must follow Him.If they do not ,then whatever they may think themselves they are effectively on the enemys side As for the added words about gathering & scattering, Gathering is the work of God, while,scattering is the work of the devil God is a God of Peace satan is the author of strife. " The kingdom of God is the one constructive unifying redemptive power in a distracted world.: & every man has to chose whether he will take sides with it or againts ( Taken from Hard Sayings of the Bible

  • peacefulpete

    Acts 19.11-16 is the passage you are referring to heathen. The verse says it ws being done by Jews who had been exorcists before Jesus. Paul's magic hankey was also doing miraces. This is a parallel to Luke 11 in that it depracates the Jews. Acts is a protoCatholic attempt to consolidate power into a mother church. Paul was depicted as a comrad of the James group and under it's direction. No tolerance of hersies. Acts was finalized by the same camp as Luke was, this reinforces the proposal that Luke 9 is an earlier form.

  • lollydawdle

    Very interesting thread, guys & gals! Never thought of it before! Come to think of it, we weren't allowed to think of it before! And if we did, we'd be told not to worry about, because the light would get brighter in time! Mouthy knows all about the light getting brighter re 1914.

  • mouthy

    Lolly!!!! What a surprise.... Good to see you post. Yep I sure did see the light get brighter AFTER the kicked me out!!!!lol

  • heathen

    peacefulpete--- Is your point that the catholic church wrote the accounts in Acts of apostles ? or are you just saying that they tampered with it ? I think the common belief is that saint Luke wrote Acts of apostles .

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