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  • littlemike

    Hello this is my first topic on this forum.

    I left the JWs 18 months ago and am still recovering.

    It was after reading Crisis of Conscience that I was brave enough to leave although I had serious doubts before i was always scared in case it was right!! and I was wrong.

    However when they changed the generation in 1995 that caused me great trauma as i had accepted that as absolute fact and based my life on it. I even refused a compamy pension as I felt it was impossible to reach that age before Armaggedon.

    I am very interested in knowing how this change affected any of you who were still Witnesses when this was changed.

  • Narkissos

    Welcome Littlemike!

    Cannot answer your question though, for I was out in 86...

  • Satanus

    Welcome, littlemike!

    The generation change came just a few months after i read franz' coc, so it reinforced what the book showed me. I brought the attention of my dub friends and family to the change. The result was, they got very suspicious of me.


  • Strawberryfieldsforever

    I was gone before that. I sure wish I knew what my mom thought of that. But she won't talk to me....

  • cyberguy


    WELCOME HERE! Yes, the "generation" change, I would say, was one of the most important changes in my life as a JW! It was the change that started me on the road of inquiry regarding Watchtower dogma! It marked a turning point in my life. Of course, learning that we?ve been lied to all my life, I was bitter at first, now I?m thinking about where to redirect my life to benefit others and myself.

    I truly wish you the best in your search for God. "post" here often! You have friends here!


  • maxwell

    I was still in at the time of the change. Basically I forced myself to accept the twisted logic used to support the change just as I accepted other unreasonable JW teachings. But when I eventually did start questioning my beliefs, that was one of the things that pushed along the path to reality.

    1995 was the year I graduated from high school. After the generation change, for the first time, I thought seriously about growing old and dying, so that influenced decisions about schooling and getting a job. Before I thought there was little chance of me growing old and dying although I thought I could die an early death from any number of things. After the change, I thought dying of old age was much more likely, so making plans for that time seemed important. I believed that I should "rely on Jehovah", but I also believed that I should take a proactive approach and that those two ideas were not in conflict.

  • garybuss

    Welcome! I walked in 1974 and I laughed myself onto the floor when they changed the generation doctrine. They waited a year longer than we thought they would. Jerks! They made me loose a bet. I bet they'd change it in 1994. On well so it goes.

    I am surprised there any Witnesses left because that was their promise, their reward. Gone . . .

  • Thirdson


    I already had doubts but when the Generation change was made I really thought something was wrong with the religion. I was out for good a little over a year later. Like you I had long believed that the end would come within my working life if not sooner (I was still in school in 1975 and we all expected the big A around that time). Now I am planning catch-up and saving for the years in the latter part of my life when I should be taking it easy and enjoying life to the full.

    Welcome too!


  • onintwo

    First of all, LittleMike, welcome to this board!

    I was already out in '94 so I don't know. I make it a point NOT to read their publications anymore. At any rate I'm glad you're free and I wish you a speedy journey to full mental health. Something it's impossible to have in the Borg.

    Good Luck to you, and post often.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi littlemike,

    When I became fully aware of the generation change, along w/ the changes on blood, I realized that the Society doesn't know what they're talking about! When I realized that, I lost all confidence in all their teachings, lost all respect for their authority in my life, and stopped attending altogether.

    I've never been happier.

    Hope you stick around and associate with us.


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