United Nations in Prophecy

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  • littlemike

    Hello I am new to this board, but wen out of truth about 18 months ago. Reading Crisis of Conscience etc helped me greatly. However like most of you still recovering

    I get the magazines from my dad who is 85 to be onsy and keep him happy.

    Has anybody read Feb 1st 2004 WT Study artice the Scene of This World Is Changing.

    Is it my imagination or does paragraph 14 confirm the Sociey had dropped the UN in prophecy. Also does it appear they no longer say when all other religion is destroyed the Un will turn on Jehovahs Witnesses. I was always taught that would be what would happen

    The paragraph say " First, the kings of the earth (The political part of Satans organisation) will turn on the supporter of Babylon the Great (the religious part) and will then destroy them).

    There is no mention of the UN whatsoever!!!

    Later it simply says after false religion is destroyed Jesus Christ will lead his heavenly armies in a complete rout of what is left of Satans organisations. No mention of turning on JWs

    Hope you dont mind me starting with a heavy discussion it just interests me as to how many secret changes they are making without really telling anybody

  • littlemike

    Sorry it should have said nosey!!!

  • Satanus

    Personally, i believe none of that. But, you could try looking at as if it's already completely finish on jerusalem in 70 and 135, when it was destroyed and jews were dispersed. It's called preterism, and there is a commentary on revelation that explains it all like that. It's available on the net. It's called days of vengence, by david chilton.

  • Poztate
    confirm the Sociey had dropped the UN in prophecy.

    Yep...It appears they just don't like to speculate on things like that and we shouldn't either.In like manner we should no longer speculate about the meaning of "generation" or who the king of the north is in bible prophecy.

    Truly I say to you,today the light is growing dimmer and dimmer and then the lights will go out on this vile excuse for a religion.

  • littlemike

    That is entirely true

    i beleived everything they said. Didnt plan a pension as i could never get that old then they changed it and said they had clarified the understanding. They didnt even apologise. That was the start of my journey out but it took 7 years.

  • somebodylovesme

    I'm not sure... but welcome to the board.

  • Thirdson


    Perhaps it would be wise not to speculate who the "faithful and discrete slave" is as well. Meantime after studying Isaiah good JWs will redo Revelation and consider how the 2nd trumpet blast was fulfilled when Judge Rutherford blew his nose at the International Convention in Neverheardof Springs, Idaho.


  • doodle-v



    good one

    Welcome to the board littlemike


  • Noumenon

    Now why would Brooklyn criticise the UN when the Awake and Watchtower are being used by UN agents at the Watchtower to disseminate UN globalistic 'new world order' propaganda....

  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    United nations is a wast of good money, a very stupid idea.

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