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    If you are an organization insider with privileged inside information from Brooklyn Bethel and Patterson Farms that exposes inside wrongdoing, unethical or criminal conduct, or human rights abuses and you believe it should be made known to the friends worldwide PLEASE POST IT to the new forum in H2O's Members Only Zone:

    Inside Information Forum Forum for registered users posting organizational inside information from Brooklyn Bethel and Patterson Farms. (-Sorry this forum is not available to the general public for security reasons-)

    Inside Information Forum link:

    In order to maintain your anonymity as a registered user you may wish to create an email address at using an alias name prior to registering with H2O. (You will require an email address to complete the registration process.)

    Some H2O trivia:

    • H2O Administrators do not have access to the I.P. address logs at
    • Internal user mailbox accessible during H2O login is anonymous and uses a highly secure double-blind system
    • Live chat rooms and instant-messaging are also double-blind to protect your anonymity and stymie attempts by hackers to track you down
    • Users can use instant-messaging to invite another user to chat live

    The inside information posted to the Inside Information Forum is available for at least 6 months and often much longer. Any brothers and sisters new to the Internet will have the opportunity to remain abreast of what is happening inside the organization, and the forum could provide valuable connections within the highly cloistered Bethel community at the Brooklyn and Patterson locations.

    Please maintain discretion in what you post.

    The forum went online within an hour prior to this post and is presently empty. Please help get the momentum rolling by posting any inside information to the forum that you feel exposes: (1) inside wrongdoing; (2) unethical or criminal conduct; (3) human rights abuses; or (4) anything else you feel is relevant and you believe the friends worldwide should know about.

    Thank you.



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    OK, Great, thanks.


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