Ozzie's Weekend Poll #81

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  • ozziepost

    G?day all,

    ?Owyergoin, this fair weekend? If you?re in the colder parts of the world today, now?s a great opportunity to stay in awhile and reminisce.

    So, get yourself a nice cuppa, or, even better, a glass (or two) of the best shiraz and think on this. Just last week was the lunar New Year and so the countries of Asia had a great time for the whole of the week. Of course, in the western countries, New Year occurred a few weeks ago, so????

    How did you respond to the greeting "Happy New Year!" ?

    1. Pretend I didn?t hear it.
    2. Looked the other way.
    3. Smiled.
    4. Said "Happy New Year", but softly.
    5. Gladly said "Happy New Year!" and didn?t care who heard me.
    6. Looking stern, changed the subject.
    7. With a disapproving look, reminded them that it was a pagan celebration?..and worldly too!
    8. Asked them, "Did you get my card?"
    9. Told them about the wonderful public talk you heard recently.
    10. Offered them the "Christmas issue" of the magazines.
    11. Invited them to a party at your place.
    12. Invited them to the public talk.
    13. Thought to myself, "Could I really explain to this person why I don?t partake?"
    14. What?s so happy about it! (I was a dub spoil-sport.)
    15. Said, "Oh, is it that time of the year already?!"
    16. That means it?s time for the circuit assembly again!!!
    17. Other (please detail)

    We?re looking forward to reading the results of your daydreaming reminiscing about life in the borg.


    Cheers, Ozzie (of the celebrating class)

    Freedom means not having to wear a tie.

  • Valis

    Always a greeting in return then ask if they got a bigger tax refund than I did...if so then one gets the frown..if not one exhalts in at least not getting the shaft quite as another poor bastard...sheesh...I think I'm becoming like Gumby and using the word bastard in every post....see what bad association will cause?...that bastard!


    District Overbeer

  • ozziepost

    Income Tax in the New Year??!!

    Downunder we'd never get the Tax Office to do that 'cos Oz is shut down for the summer hols in January!!!!

    Our Tax year runs from July to June - does that mean we get two Happy New Years?????!!!!!!!

  • Amazing

    No. 17 ... I just thanked people, and told them I hoped they enjoyed their holiday too. This was my standard phrase for all holidays ... it worked well ...

  • blondie

    #17 Just thanked them. There are so many new years, the Jewish one in September, the Chinese one, the Hmong one, etc.

    The WTS has 2 starting September 1 (service year) and January 1 (yeartext changeover). Hmmmm?


  • Mulan

    I just thanked them. I know plenty of dubs who had New Year's Eve parties when we were still there. I could never stay awake that late, so if we went, we left early. We always had New Year's Day at our house............still do.

  • gumby

    I also usually thanked them.....and sometimes I said..."you too".

    I can't believe a dub could actually find anything wrong with wishing his fellowman a happy coming year. They have GOT to be the biggest scrooges on this planet. You don't see it until your out....(usually)


  • cyberguy

    17: OTHER -- In the past I just said "thank you!" Of course now, I say "Happy New Year!" -- What's really wrong with that?

  • Gretchen956

    Then: I said thanks, you too.

    Now: Hey, I AM pagan, so I revel in celebrating all of those forbidden holidays now!


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