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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Wonder what the Nielsen ratings will be for this.

    Will Watchtower do the same? Can you imagine JW.bOrg on your cable tv?

    I wonder if this is a direct response to the damage Leah Remini has dealt to the PsuedoScientists?

    We have work to do.

  • carla

    Isn't jw dot org or the videos on roku? I just remember reading here (?) about jw's wanting roku for some reason and low and behold guess what we have on or tv? naturally I like it because a cult show was listed proudly showing an episode about jw's

  • former2free

    Personally I think it’s great when the Scientology church keeps quiet it tells me that everything Leah Remi is saying is true and they can’t argue with her. I admire her for her show and am looking forward to her episode on the witnesses. I wonder too how the WTBS will or won’t respond to that episode. I doubt very few in the organization will actually watch it the majority of those who do are already thinking outside the organization and the really indoctrinated ones will brush it off and ignore it.

  • Simon

    For every person who watches shows like this and sees the fraud, there are people who see it and think "OMG, that's the truth I've been looking for!". If this weren't the case, these groups wouldn't do any promotions or videos. They do it because it works.

    They fill a niche because their is a demand for their product. Until society evolves past the need for religious crutches they will continue to exist but it's better to have the more 'open' version (JWs, Mormons) than the Scientologist types.

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