Daughter gets fondled -- mother's loving strategy takes back seat

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Nightmare on Elm Street

    Mother to elder: Tiffany, my daughter, shocked me last night. She told me she was fondled by our Hispanic neighbor after she babysat for their children.

    Elder: that is terrible to hear, sister. How is she doing? Have you been able to comfort her?

    Mother: Thanks for asking. I think I’m going to take her to one of those agencies that offer emotional assistance. I also think that I need to let the police know about it in case they want to investigate.

    Elder: It sounds like you’ve got your daughter’s best interest at heart. Let me know how that all works out. By the way, I know your distant neighborhood fairly well – is the perpetrator someone I may know? We elders may want to alert the congregation as to his house number just in case we happen to do field service around those homes. We’d do that as a matter of precaution – you can understand that, can’t you, sister?

    Mother: Oh, yes, I certainly can understand. And, yes, you may know that perpetrator since he tends the microphones in that nearby Spanish congregation.

    Elder: Wait, sister. I was under the impression that the man is a worldly person and not one of our own. First of all, were there any witnesses to this dastardly act?

    Mother: Well, no. His wife and children had all gone upstairs to bed and he did this bad thing in their hallway as she was leaving his home. But I’m now a bit puzzled. Till you learned he is a JW, you seemed okay with my strategy to get my daughter some help and reporting him to the police. Exactly how does the fact that he carries a microphone change my daughter’s need for assistance?

    Elder: You really need to take hold of your emotions, sister. Anger won’t help this situation and besides, we first need to think about Jehovah and His organization, and how his supreme name could be soiled if one of his people gets accused of alleged wrongdoing. The first thing we need to do is …..


    Okay, I concede this was just a nightmare I had recently. But the more I think about it, the more I suspect that it’s probably already happened – somewhere, and more than a few times.

  • LV101

    Yes -- I can't read these accounts but stuck with this one -- I get so upset. What a pathetic cult!

  • ScenicViewer

    That was very nicely told to show the extreme double standards of JWs and the Watchtower organization.

  • Xanthippe

    Beautifully written Fatfreek. This is exactly the way they think, we protect our children but not if it brings our precious organisation into disrepute. What about their precious babies, little girls and boys!

  • smiddy3

    What gets my goat about the "real life" cases that happen is the response Elders and the organization give

    ",We abhor Child Sexual Abuse and the parents have every right to report such a case" or words to that effect.

    What they fail to acknowledge is the fact THEY should be reporting such abuse when it comes to their attention .however THEY continually fail to do so.

    This fact was made quite clear in the ARC into child sexual abuse in institutions.

    This very same fact has been demonstrated in other Child sex abuse cases in the JW organization around the world.

    On the one hand they claim they abhor child sex abuse among Jehovah`s Witnesses

    On the other hand when it comes to their notice of child sex abuse against a Jehovah`s Witness minor and they hold a Judicial Committee of three Elders to investigate they ALL fail to notify the appropriate authorities of the crime.

    They neither protect the child in the congregation nor do they protect children in the community by withholding such information from the authorities .

  • ScottyRex

    so you made this up to 'help' ??

  • oppostate

    Sounds like there are some anti Latino issues lurking in that post!

    I thought you might suggest building a wall.

  • ElderEtta

    Image of an organization led by 7 men is what's important here to these self-serving people

  • ScottyRex

    So you made this up?

    And you think this helps?

  • waton

    there is a difference between abhorring something, and really working ito never have it happen again. . Horror movies are abhorred too.

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