Blondie's Comments on the 11-8-2015 WT Study

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  • Khaleesi

    One elder commented in the paragraph abt exercise that we should think abt going to a gym because of what people wear & being around "those people that dress not appropriately ( tight pants) & being around pple who do not worship God, not good for a jW" my mouth dropped & disgusted with that comment, ok that goes with work, shopping at malls & grocery shopping etc.... mediocracy at its worse .... arrogant people living in a WT BUBBLE...

  • WTWizard

    Now, what if I find that the simplest way to avoid the blood issue is to not have the accident leading to it in the first place? This means not going in field circus in dangerous areas--or at all. If I am not in the car when the driver has the accident, or I am not crossing the street for field circus so the car that would have hit me doesn't, I don't have to worry about that blood transfusion. Or, I could use spiritual means to heal--if I heal a disease that way, I don't need an operation. And, without the operation, there is no need to worry about the blood transfusion.

    Recreation? They are effectively trying to crowd that out. You have time for fun, you could have used it for joke-hova instead. Not to mention, if children are not even allowed an ice cream cone because they have to damn the world with the money instead, would anyone else be allowed any fun either?

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