What criteria does Russia use to label a religion as extremist?

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  • sparky1

    Check this out on the Russian Ministry of Justice webpage. The Governing Body is going to have to do some fancy footwork to get around this criteria:


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    The Ministry of Justice webpage says the following:

    "Not allowed to carry our missionary activities, goals and actions are aimed at:

    violation of public security and public order;

    coercion into destroying the family;

    infringement of the person, the rights and freedoms of citizens;

    encouragement of suicide or the refusal on religious grounds of medical assistance to persons in danger to life or health;

    obstruction compulsory education;

    coercion of members and followers of a religious association and other persons to alienate their property in favor of the religious association;

    impeding threat of harm to life, health, property, if there is a danger of its real performance, or application of force, other illegal actions a citizen from leaving a religious association;

    etc., etc."

    It looks like shunning, disfellowshipping , not taking a blood transfusion and convincing older members to will their property to the Society is a no no in the Russian governments eyes.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    What criteria does Russia use to label a religion as extremist?

    Anything that the Russian Orthodox Church fears, such as losing members to proselytizing religions, becomes part of the criteria. Thus, Evangelical/Protestant churches are highly restricted or even banned.

  • jwleaks

    What criteria do Jehovah's Witnesses use to label a former member an apostate?

    1. Have they said or written anything at all about Jehovah's Witnesses or Watch Tower?

  • Crazyguy

    Thier constitution spells it out in detail.

  • venus

    Inciting hatred (which could be easily interpreted as unchristian, anti-national, divisive ....etc.)

  • Phizzy

    This is why the JW's are not directly challenging in Court the matter of extremism, they are going on the argument that their freedom to practice their religion is being denied.

    Personally I hope they are not banned, it would simply validate their persecution complex, and make it easier for the Russian authorities to persecute others.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    From the BBC World News: "The authorities object to pamphlets deemed to incite hatred against other religious groups, mainly for proclaiming Jehovah's Witnesses as followers of the only "true" faith. One quotes the novelist Leo Tolstoy, describing the doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church as superstition and sorcery,..."

    The governing body - sitting safely back in their new retirement home in Warwick, U.S.A. - certainly know how to make friends & influence people for the Russian J.W.'s!

    What next? A tract for Malaysian J.W.'s which describes Islam as demonic? The "evil slave" is alive & kicking!

  • sparky1

    Have they said or written anything at all about Jehovah's Witnesses or Watch Tower?-jwleaks

    The Federal List of Extremist Materials lists over 4000 books, pamphlets, recordings, songs, websites, photo images etc., etc. that are banned as extremist. The Watchtower and AWAKE magazines as well as many of Jehovah's Witnesses publications are on this list. On a more humorous note, the following photo image is also banned:

  • venus

    No blood-transfusion and exclusiveness are at the root of Moscow’s attempt to ban JWs. Interestingly, these two causes are man-made rather than being firmly rooted in the Bible.

    1) If Jesus’s blood could be used for permanent benefit of the believers, it could not be unscriptural that blood could be used for temporary benefit of the believer.

    2) Jesus was categorically spoke against exclusiveness (Mathew 7:21-23; 25:31-36)

    "The religious organization Jehovah’s Witnesses has been repeatedly warned by courts of law, but it has taken no required measures to eliminate the violations," the Justice Ministry said.


  • Cold Steel

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